Construction loans-comparison: cheap, the construction Loan was never

The ECB will leave key interest rates at record lows, so the economy is gaining momentum. These are the ideal times for the mortgage . FOCUS Online constructi

Construction loans-comparison: cheap, the construction Loan was never

The ECB will leave key interest rates at record lows, so the economy is gaining momentum. These are the ideal times for the mortgage . FOCUS Online construction loans-comparison (display) Directly to the mortgage lending calculator

The ECB is that Inflation attracts sustainable. And then mortgage interest rates will rise again.

It is recommended, therefore, his interest is now in the long term to establish. Who does that, you can currently make a little error when he compares previously been the construction loans rates .

construction loans historically cheap

construction loans for ten years of solid financial advice, according to the FMH-now historically cheap:

  • average costs mortgage loans currently, about 1,88% effective
  • real estate financing up to 50 percent of the purchase price from regional banks even for 1.26 percent effective
  • Self-major banks offered request, in the top almost identical interest rates.
  • full absorber loans there are already 1.4 per cent.

Long fixed-interest periods with high security planning are in low Interest rate particularly interesting: if one compares the building Finance deals , almost unbeatable cheap loan terms: 15-year loans are already have to 1.76 percent, provided the borrower is able to Finance around 50 percent of the object's value with its own money. Even a security Interest by 20 years, for an effective interest rate of just under two percent. Display mortgage Prefer to buy instead of rent?

With our mortgage calculator you can quickly and easily find the best deal. Compare the conditions of over 60 banks!more

Only no attachment fears in the mortgage lending

Max the fall of the FMH financial advice is especially enthusiastic about the long interest rate bonds over 15 and 20 years. "In such a low Interest rate, it is almost obligatory to, construction loans for such a long time to secure," says autumn. This applies all the more, as the borrower, despite the long interest-rate commitments To its mortgage after ten years with six months ' notice, in whole or in part, terminate. It says So in the law.

The deadline is calculated from the date of full disbursement of the loan. Another advantage of these long-term loans: The notice of termination must not be made once a point exactly after ten years, but also later still at any time possible, that is, between the eleventh and the 15. or even 20. Year. Here, loan rates compare quickly and easily (display) To Focus Online loan rates comparison

Realistically, a home financing can be considered a customer throughout the entire financing period in no period of high interest rates. Finally, the time for the connection lending from the tenth year can be selected freely. The number of providers that offer an interest guarantee of 20 years or more, is constantly growing. Even for a long time- fixed interest rates of 25 or 30 years 18 providers in the interest of comparison, the FMH financial advice to be found already.

mortgage loans compare save money

A price comparison pays off: anyone Who plays with the idea of a real estate acquisition or a financing needs, should always use different term and loan-to-value variants. The margin between the Offers is still high. Top - and Flop-supplier of 15-year loans are around 0.5 percent, separate points.

About 15 years, this seemingly small difference to the huge sums of money is added. For example, a mortgage about 200,000 euros and a monthly repayment rate of 700 Euro the rest is debt the cheapest lenders after 15 years of almost 16,000 euros less than the Tax. It is assumed that the interest saved will be invested in an increased repayment. Alone, 0.1 percentage points less in interest to bring at least 200 Euro redemption game room for the first year.

The mortgage calculator , the FMH financial consulting evaluates the current conditions of 90 lenders. Interested parties can choose between two variants.

With the kind support of the FMH financial advice. 20 steps to own a home of Our PDF guide explains how you can plan step by step your dream house, Fund, and build.To the PDF guide

Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 05:27

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