Crisis without self-optimization of delusion: What has changed the Isolation for me

No question, this is impressive and also I want to use my time well. But instead of me from the momentum of the other to put pressure on you, I approached it qu

Crisis without self-optimization of delusion: What has changed the Isolation for me

No question, this is impressive and also I want to use my time well. But instead of me from the momentum of the other to put pressure on you, I approached it quietly. What I really want and how can I do this sustainably?

For some years I practise in my every day life more sustainable. I try to avoid waste and buy mainly regional and organic products. Also in the case of clothing and other products, the ecological, and fair production is important to me. In the last few weeks I have found four more areas that let me live a sustainable life, irrespective of how our world will be tomorrow or in a few months look.

1. Mucking out and sorting

The statistics say that each of us owns about 10,000 things. If I look in my closets and dressers, it sounds plausible. I have often asked myself whether I need all this really, and also whether or not this means to me anything anything at all. A extremely minimalist apartment is not my goal. To separate things but can be quite liberating. To have especially in these times, in which I have so much time at home to spend, I have the desire for more space and order. The column "small steps to save the world"

the earth's climate is changing. Our interaction with the planet and its resources has contributed to this. If we want to save the earth, we must rethink – in the Large, as well as in the Small.

that is Why we take on in this column, each week, a consumer theme and ask ourselves: that Is also sustainable? We would like to reflect on our own behavior, and so maybe also the one or the other pulse pass.

All follow our column, you can find here.

they also Make experiences in everyday life on the subject of sustainability, what it is, perhaps, not the right answers, or advice have found? Then you can write to us at We look forward to your ideas!

the last Option is to Throw away for me. And so I write to friends and family, take photos with the camera of my smartphone and search for grateful customers. On the Internet I can get rid of a lot of Facebook groups, ebay classifieds, Momox , dress – rotor for almost every part of it is the right platform. To have to in the future, less frequent mucking out, I will ask myself from now on before every purchase whether I need this part really. Or: To move to a new item in my apartment, have to take off another before.

2. Free shopping

boxes I Usually buy dry goods like lentils, rice, pasta and beans in the organic supermarket. As the shelves have been there by hoarding, and anxious citizens always empty, I've searched for an Alternative. I found what I was unpacked in the store in my neighborhood. Up on fresh Goods, there is here everything Necessary – even flour and toilet paper, noodles. Here is one of the best ways to reduce packaging waste is to buy well.

The storage in cans and glass jars, in my opinion, also nicer to look at as a colorful, half-opened plastic packaging. Many shops manage their own online store, and into the Corona of a pandemic, the operators took advantage of their store space in addition to lectures, Workshops and Meetings around the topic of sustainability. Practically, we have all cleared out already diligent in our apartments and re-sorted, so that drawers and shelves now sufficient space for full storage jars is. FOCUS-Online-action #corona care: Germany helps!

The Corona-pandemic restricts the everyday life of the people in Germany. Especially for vulnerable groups such as seniors, everyday tasks are associated with a risk of infection. Therefore, now asked for solidarity! FOCUS Online has therefore launched the campaign "#corona care: Germany helps". With you! All of the information you find here.

3. Neighborhood assistance, and Rent

my impression is that the 1000-piece Puzzle for adults in the Corona-the beginning of time the most commonly traded products. My Facebook Feed was full of Postings where the "Arctic wolves" against "adventures in the jungle" or "dance of the dolphins" were traded. Of course, Sharing works with other things. So I met my neighbors after a walk in front of the house, we talked about a further high employment said: the balcony planting. As I said, I had no car, they offered me that I could me to drive of your rent or we – allowed of course, just like in Cologne at that time a second together to the garden center.

neighborly help is to me a sensible Option in many areas of life. Many of the things we need only once, or at least not-constantly-moving boxes, tools, a spacious car. The expenditure for this purpose, you can save really and to ensure that fewer new products need to be produced each Time you need resources and emissions.

Who met in the hall no friendly neighbors, finds such aid on platforms such as, or just in the respective Facebook group of their own neighborhood. I need help I want to help

4. Emission-free on-the-go

The subject of movement has received in the last few weeks for many of us, a completely different meaning. Only a few ever need to drive somewhere, long - Distance and local transport are little used. Walks and tours by Bicycle is the new favorite activity. To need my best friend and I walk an hour – the movement and the relaxed atmosphere at the Cologne Rhine shore do me good.

those Who prefer to be on two wheels on the road, do yourself and the environment some Good. The city is quieter, there is no harmful CO2 is thrown into the air and especially in the city, often faster from point A to point B. another plus point is that Cycling costs nothing – at least with your own bike. If you don't own, you can. today, within minutes convenient way via App a rent, for example, on the respective public TRANSPORT companies such as or over the longer term

these are my personal Lessons from the corona of a crisis-induced Level. In particular, what is possible is not important to me, to put me and others under pressure. Everything is possible, nothing. It will be in the future, the easier it is to live sustainably and above all, it is never too late to start. The world is better than your bad news - FOCUS Online provides you every Friday with the best stories from the field perspectives. Subscribe here for free Newsletter:

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Updated Date: 22 May 2020, 05:28

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