Wisconsin Woman's murder is over, man sought

Milwaukee police were looking for a 3-year old boy after his mother died. The man, who was an individual of interest in the murder, was later found dead from an apparent selfinflicted gunshot injury.

Wisconsin Woman's murder is over, man sought

Major P. Harris was reported missing on Thursday morning by authorities. Authorities say that someone found Mallery Muenzenberger (25), dead in her backyard at a Milwaukee house. According to the medical examiner, her body showed "obvious signs" of trauma.

Major could have been in Milwaukee with Jaheem, 20-year-old Clark, according to police. According to a bulletin from the Wisconsin Crime Alert Network, Clark was considered a person-of-interest in Muenzenberger’s death and a suspect with Major’s disappearance.

An Amber Alert update on Sunday night stated that Clark was found. Two gunshots were heard from the inside of the Milwaukee house where Clark was thought to be. This happened about 15 minutes after officers arrived. Police entered the house to find a man they identified as the "homicide suspect", who had an "apparently self-inflicted shot wound." He was declared dead.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, police identified the house where Muenzenberger was located as Major's last known address in a report. Another report stated that he was last seen on his way from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Milwaukee on Oct. 9.

Anybody with information is requested to contact Milwaukee police.

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