"Who's stealing the show?": Nilam Farooq to host the season finale

In the fifth episode of "Who's stealing the show?" Joko Winterscheidt (43) led through the show again.

"Who's stealing the show?": Nilam Farooq to host the season finale

In the fifth episode of "Who's stealing the show?" Joko Winterscheidt (43) led through the show again. He had won her back from Olli Schulz (48) the week before. That's why Nilam Farooq (32), Fahri Yardim (41) and Schulz as well as the new wild card candidate Robin from Berlin tried their luck again to steal the show from Winterscheidt. But this time Farooq in particular showed fighting spirit and finally snapped up the show. The opening, for which the moderator came up with something very special this time, was particularly memorable.

Joko Winterscheidt made a joke for his big appearance. For the opening, the presenter used another show – namely “The Voice of Germany”. He disguised himself as "talent" and sneaked into the blind auditions, the coaches Rea Garvey (49), Mark Forster (39), Stefanie Kloß (37) and Peter Maffay (73) were not in the know.

For his performance of the song "Firestarter" by the band The Prodigy, all the coaches turned around - and couldn't stop laughing when they saw Winterscheidt. "You're a rock star," Garvey said. "I have to go over to my own show now," admitted Winterscheidt. He just wanted to have a spectacular performance, which he definitely succeeded in doing.

In the fifth episode there was a novelty. "I have a special buzzer," explained Joko Winterscheidt at the beginning. One point will be deducted for "pig stuff", i.e. inappropriate statements. Yardim in particular had to nibble at it, losing a point after just a few minutes. Farooq, on the other hand, made a promise: If she wins a coin, she will sing "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion (54).

Schulz, Farooq, Yardim and Robin did their best, but Schulz was able to get the first coin. Yardim and Farooq were hot on his heels. Robin could not assert himself and was therefore the first to drop out. The other three were equal for a long time, but in the end it wasn't enough for Schulz and he had to leave. Before that, Farooq, who raked in a coin, paid off her weather debt and showcased her singing talent. That should bring her luck - because in the end she was in the final with Joko Winterscheidt.

There, Farooq and Winterscheidt had to answer questions from moderator Katrin Bauerfeind (40). When asked which mountain range marks the border between Asia and Europe, both knew the right answer. However, the actress had no idea that the Schlossallee is blue in the classic Monopoly. The moderator, on the other hand, did and was therefore able to take the lead.

With the musical question that followed, Schulz and Yardim stormed onto the stage and gave their comrade-in-arms subtle hints as to the correct answer. The question was then not evaluated. The actress was able to score in the next and drew level with Winterscheidt. Farooq also answered the last question correctly and thus won the show. "I'm so looking forward to next week, it's going to be great," announced the actress.

Broadcaster ProSieben congratulated the winner. "Wow. Show stolen again!" It says in a tweet. "We look forward to your moderation and your quiz."

This means that next Tuesday evening, September 6th, the issue "Who is stealing the show from Nilam Farooq?" will flicker. (from 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben and on Joyn) via the TV screens. This is the grand season finale.