Video of cop kneeling at Wisconsin student's neck

Officials from Kenosha School in Wisconsin released surveillance footage showing an off-duty officer placing his knee on the neck of a 12-year old girl to restrain her during a lunchtime brawl.

Video of cop kneeling at Wisconsin student's neck

On Friday, the Kenosha Unified Schools District released redacted footage from the March 4 fight. The footage shows Shawn Guetschow, a Kenosha officer, intervening in the fight. He then gets into a fight with the girl before falling to the floor and hitting his head against a table.

Guetschow was working as a school security guard and then pushed the girl's head down and used his knee to rub her neck for approximately half an hour before handcuffing and taking her out of the cafeteria.

Jerrel Perez is the father of the girl and has asked for criminal charges against Guetschow. Guetschow used a form of restraint that was illegal for Wisconsin law enforcement officers last summer. According to Perez, his daughter is currently in therapy and seeing a neurologist for her injuries.

Guetschow was initially placed on paid leave by the school district. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported that Guetschow resigned on Tuesday from his part-time security position at the school.

Guetschow wrote that he was not supported by the school district and that it had placed a heavy burden upon his family.

The newspaper was informed by the district that it would not give any further details. The Associated Press left messages on Saturday. In a statement by Kenosha police Guetschow was still employed by the department.

The statement stated that "We continue to investigate, paying careful attention the entire scope of this incident." "We do not have any further updates at the moment."