Daddy Yankee declares he is retiring: "I see the finish line"

Daddy Yankee shocked his fans when he announced his impending retirement from music.

Daddy Yankee declares he is retiring: "I see the finish line"

He did this more than 30 years after a career that saw reggaeton take to the global stage with hits like "Gasolina", “Somos de Calle", and "Despacito".

His success has made him one the most beloved Latin musicians and won six Latin Grammy Awards.

"This career, which was a marathon, at finally I see the finish line," the Puerto Rican star, 45, said in Spanish in a YouTube video posted Sunday night. "This category, people tell me I made it global but it was you that gave me the key to unlock the doors to making this genre the largest in the world.

Yankee said, "Today, I officially announce my retirement from music" and added, "Today, I give you my best productions and my best concert tours." Yankee released "No Mercy" in 1995 and became an international star with "Barrio Fino" in 2006.

Yankee, who is actually Ramon Luis Ayala Rodriguez's real name, will release "Legendaddy," on Thursday night. He described the album as a "collector's item" and will feature all of his favorite styles. He said that "Legendaddy" is "struggle, party, war and romance." This album was his first in a decade after 2012's "Prestige".

He will also launch "La Ultima Vuelta", which means "the last lap or the final round" in the summer. The 41-date tour, which will begin in Portland, Oregon, will see him travel across the U.S. and Canada, before ending in Mexico City on December 2.

Tickets for the pre-sale will be available starting Friday and going on sale beginning March 30.

The singer, known as "King of Reggaeton", stated that he worked hard to not fail him, not to look at any problems, and was disciplined to be able inspire children to be leaders and dream of growth.

"Most of us wished to be drug dealers in the neighborhood where we grew. Today, I visit the small villages and barrios to find that most people want to sing. It means a lot to my heart."

He ended by thanking his fans, colleagues, broadcast media, and the press for their support.