US state Ohio: Authorities powerless: Operators of homeschooling network want to educate children to be "wonderful Nazis".

In the US state of Ohio, a homeschooling network is making headlines in which children are supposed to be raised to be Nazis.

US state Ohio: Authorities powerless: Operators of homeschooling network want to educate children to be "wonderful Nazis".

In the US state of Ohio, a homeschooling network is making headlines in which children are supposed to be raised to be Nazis. A Wyandot County couple runs the Dissident Homeschool channel on the Telegram messaging service, through which they distribute their fascist lesson plans for elementary school students to more than 2,400 subscribers across the country, US media reports. The case was uncovered last week by Anonymous Comrades Collective, a group that, according to its website, has set itself the task of exposing Nazis, racists and fascists.

The couple reportedly claim that public schools are run by "gay Afro-Zionist scum" and instruct parents to keep "Jewish media content" away from their children. In class, they teach the students to say "Sieg Heil" and spread a racist ideology. There are lesson plans in which Southern General Robert E. Lee is described as a "great role model for young white men" and civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr. as "the antithesis of our civilization and our people".

"It's up to us to make sure our kids know him for the fraudulent, dishonest, seditious Negro he really was," the Telegram channel administrator wrote loudly the US magazine "Vice". "He is the face of a movement that has ethnically cleansed urban areas of whites and brought about the anti-white regime we now want to free ourselves from." The post was provided with a downloadable lesson plan for primary school children.

In a "maths problem" the children were asked to interpret "crime statistics" with the aim of "recognizing which demographic characteristics you have to be careful with". In another lesson on the human intelligence quotient, it was claimed that "Black people have, on average, a much lower IQ than white people."

"Since the group formed in October 2021, it has openly embraced Nazi ideology and promoted white supremacy while proudly discouraging parents from letting their white children play or socialize with people of other races." , writes "Vice". "Administrators and members use racist, homophobic and anti-Semitic slurs without shame and daily quote Hitler and other Nazi leaders in a publicly accessible channel."

The operators of "Dissident Homeschool" call themselves Mr. and Mrs. Saxon (in German: Mr. and Mrs. Saxon) and hide their true identity from network users. However, Anonymous Comrades Collective, according to their own statements, managed to identify them as Logan and Katja Lawrence based on biographical details that the couple revealed on Telegram and during podcast appearances. The two live in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, are parents of four small children and have a German shepherd named Blondi - just like Adolf Hitler's dog. According to their own research, "Vice" and the US news site "Huffington Post" confirmed the couple's identity.

According to The Huffington Post, the Lawrences had appeared under their alias on the neo-Nazi podcast "Achtung Amerikan" on November 5, 2021, stating that they had spent years seeking and developing "Nazi-approved material" for teaching their own children and now "Dissident Homeschool" started because they wanted to share the material. Her channel aims to help American parents teach their children themselves. "We are very committed to making the child a wonderful Nazi," said "Mrs. Saxon" accordingly to the podcast's moderator. "And through homeschooling, we'll be able to do that."

And Katja Lawrence wrote on Telegram as a justification for her project: "If we don't teach our children at home, our children are defenseless at the mercy of the schools and the gay Afro-Zionist scum who run them."

The parents networked in the channel apparently see it similarly. According to Vice, a parent there wrote last year, "I don't want my kids to be exposed to the gay-loving, anti-family, Jew factory of the public school. I can't take it." Another member practically offered his own teaching material and wrote: "Here is an overview of 10 reasons why Hitler was one of the good guys."

Repeated requests from Vice and the Huffington Post for comment on the reports went unanswered, according to the media. A journalist from the news site also asked the couple for comment on the findings of Anonymous Comrades Collective's research on the Dissident Homeschool channel. His request was immediately deleted and the admins turned off the channel's commenting and chat function. Shortly thereafter, Katja Lawrence deleted her Facebook page.

The head of the Upper Sandusky school board, Eric Landversicht, was appalled by the reports: "The allegations are outrageous," the newspaper "The Newark Advocate" quoted him as saying. And the state school board also condemned the network: "There is absolutely no place for hateful, divisive and hurtful teaching in Ohio schools, including our state's home schooling community," said Stephanie Siddens of the Ohio Department of Education "Vice". . "I strongly and categorically condemn the racist, anti-Semitic and fascist ideology and materials being circulated."

The horror should not have major consequences, since the education authorities have little influence in the field of homeschooling: Although parents who teach at home are obliged to submit copies of their lesson plans to the state, they are responsible for choosing the curriculum themselves, explained Landversicht. "Parent-chosen curriculum is not endorsed or endorsed by the district." And, under Ohio law, the county is required to exempt children from public schooling whose parents provide the necessary information and assurances for homeschooling.

Right-wing organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Association fought for deregulation of homeschooling in the United States in the 1980s and 1990s, reports the Huffington Post. "They turned on homeschooling parents and basically forced lawmakers to remove any type of restrictions or protections that would have ensured homeschooled children were educated and safe," said Carmen Longoria-Green , lawyer and head of a responsible home schooling association for the news site. "It's very, very easy in this country now to pretend that you're homeschooling when in fact you're not giving your children a proper education. And by that I don't even mean a non-racist education. What I'm saying is that It's perfectly possible in this country to pretend you're homeschooling and then never teach your child to read."

As for "Dissident Homeschool," Longoria-Green sees no way for authorities to stop "Mr. and Mrs. Saxon" or other parents from indoctrinating their children with Nazism: "I think what they're doing is perfectly legal."

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