Outdoor Vacation Gifts for Campers: 10 Things Adventurers Really Need

The corona pandemic fueled the Germans’ love of camping.

Outdoor Vacation Gifts for Campers: 10 Things Adventurers Really Need

The corona pandemic fueled the Germans’ love of camping. Holidays in your own four walls seemed to be safer from infection than a hotel holiday with a flight or train journey. The popularity is also reflected in the new registrations of caravans and mobile homes in Germany. According to the Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD), a total of 80,863 vehicles were registered in 2019. In the first Corona year 2020 it was 107,203, in the following year 106,138. But just a camper or tent is not enough.

Many people underestimate how many purchases they have to make. All the better if your friends or family think along with you. The following ten gadgets enrich every trip. But not all campers think about it themselves.

Imagine your friends sitting in front of the camper with a glass of wine. The view is a dream, the sunset picturesque. What can destroy this romance faster than a neighboring permanent camper in their underpants are bitten body parts and the buzzing of mosquitoes. Small table lamps are then a real blessing. The UV light attracts insects. Your friends remain unharmed and continue to enjoy your wine.

Did the mosquito make it? Now an itchy, swelling puncture marks the holiday? An electronic heat pen can help. This is switched on and pressed on the mosquito bite. Don't be alarmed: the pen gets hot up to 51 degrees. It's a bit uncomfortable for a while. However, after using it, it was itchy. Farewell to mosquito bites.

On a camping holiday, most people take care of themselves. They cook and grill. But there is rarely much space for a large collection of spices in a mobile home, caravan or tent. A small shaker that combines the most important spices is therefore quite helpful. Many a feast can be conjured up with salt, pepper, paprika, curry, cayenne pepper and garlic powder.

Wild camping is allowed in many Scandinavian countries such as Sweden, Norway and Finland. So vacationers are allowed in forests, on beaches

The outdoor barbecue evening is a little more chic and cozy with a carpet under the dining table. Special carpets for outdoor use can withstand a shower from time to time. Dirt can simply be wiped off.

Campers live with the bare essentials on their vacation. There is probably no storage room for cleaning agents and a vacuum cleaner. Nevertheless, after a few days it quickly gets a bit dingy in the temporary home. Anyone who likes things tidy will be happy about a small handheld vacuum cleaner. The device works wirelessly. In between it has to be loaded. The vacuum doesn't need a lot of space.

Barbecuing is especially fun on a camping holiday. However, charcoal grills are prohibited on most campsites. The solution: a small gas grill. It is even more practical if the grill is foldable and portable. Every barbecue evening turns into a party.

It shakes a bit while driving. Something can break there. Glasses are therefore strongly discouraged. However, it is well known that a delicious drop of wine is much better enjoyed in wine glasses than in plastic cups. So unbreakable wine glasses are a must. There are plenty of shatterproof alternatives to glass - they're pretty too.

Adventure vacations sometimes result in minor injuries. Scrapes, abrasions or scratches can then be quite annoying. A travel kit with plasters, scissors, compresses, gauze bandages

It doesn't matter whether it's cold or warm drinks, thirst quenchers stay in a thermos bottle the way they taste best. That's why a waterproof vacuum flask is a real blessing on an adventure vacation with a camper. Tea, coffee and cocoa stay hot even on the coldest hike in the snow. On the other hand, chilled soft drinks provide refreshment from the thermal bottle even in midsummer.

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Source: "Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD)"