In love, engaged, married: Wedding customs: These ten rituals are uncomplicated and well received

Toss the bridal bouquet, cut the cake together, decorate the car - the list of wedding customs is long.

In love, engaged, married: Wedding customs: These ten rituals are uncomplicated and well received

Toss the bridal bouquet, cut the cake together, decorate the car - the list of wedding customs is long. They make the day unforgettable. However, not every couple is friends with the traditional rituals. Marriage customs make a lot of sense. And can even be contemporary.

There are a number of reasons why wedding customs are important: First, they are part of the culture and tradition of a particular country or region. In this way, cultural origins can be celebrated. On the other hand, customs have a symbolic meaning. For example, lighting a wedding candle symbolizes the union of two people into one. But the most important thing: Wedding customs create atmosphere and fun at most weddings. Some actions bring a good mood and laughter to the action. In the following paragraphs, customs are presented that are also commonplace at modern weddings and can be planned by guests and bridal couples.

Traditionally, "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" meant a set of items that a bride is expected to wear on her wedding day to bring happiness and success to the marriage. Something old stands for continuity and the preservation of the past. It could be a piece of jewelry or a piece of clothing belonging to a family member that has special meaning. Something new represents the beginning of married life and hope for a happy future. Usually this is the wedding dress or an accessory bought new for the special day. Something borrowed symbolizes happiness and support. Something blue represents love, faithfulness and purity. A bride could wear blue lingerie, shoes, or an accessory to incorporate this element into her wedding wardrobe.

The use of photo booths at weddings is relatively new as this technology has only become popular in the last few years. A photo booth is a great way to create memories of the wedding and have fun at the same time. Guests can try different accessories such as hats, glasses or wigs and make funny poses.

Car bow ties are a common tradition at weddings, serving as a symbol of the newlywed couple. There are different interpretations regarding the car loops. Some believe that the purpose of the bows is to convey blessings and congratulations to the couple from the wedding guests. Others believe that the bows are meant to keep evil out and protect the couple from misfortune and misfortune.

Instead of a traditional guest book, couples can also choose creative alternatives. For example, guests can leave their signature on a Jenga game or write their wishes on small cards and throw them in a jar. If you want it traditional and still creative, you could take Polaroid photos of the guests and stick them directly in a book. Guests can then write their congratulations directly under the photo.

Wedding pranks sound worse than they are. As a rule, this is not an annoying prank, but an unexpected gesture. Friends of the couple often decorate the apartment with balloons, distribute confetti or rose petals in bed. However, if you are planning a wedding prank, keep in mind that the newlyweds will probably be very tired when they get home. So please don't overdo it!

Many people dry their bridal bouquet. One of the main reasons is that dried flowers have a long shelf life, making them a beautiful reminder of the special day. Dried flowers also have a unique and rustic aesthetic. So they can be very decorative. Here are a few tips for drying bridal bouquets:

When leaving the registry office, the church or another wedding location, it is common practice to throw rice or flowers over the newlywed couple. Some also blow soap bubbles. This custom has different meanings. Throwing rice symbolizes fertility and happiness for the newlyweds. Throwing petals symbolizes beauty and purity. Blowing bubbles is a fun and playful way to celebrate the newlyweds. They can create a romantic atmosphere and are a modern alternative to rice and flowers.

To thank the guests for attending and celebrating the wedding, bridal couples can give out gifts. They are a way of showing appreciation to the invitees. Edible gifts such as small pralines, chocolate hearts or biscuits with the bride and groom's monogram are a sweet reminder of the wedding. A small bouquet of flowers, such as a single rose or a small bouquet of wildflowers, is a classic gift that's always well-received.

The wedding can be followed by a hectic time in which the new life together has to be organized and there are many friends and family gatherings. Honeymoons offer a unique opportunity to take time out and travel and relax together as a newlywed couple. It is a special time to strengthen bonds and enjoy the first few days as a spouse.

Sending thank you cards is considered good etiquette. They are an important part of wedding culture and provide a way to express appreciation, gratitude and courtesy. The newlyweds can express their appreciation and show that they appreciate the guests' time and effort.

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