Jaen FS will meet in Burela to play the 'playoff' against Movistar Inter for the title.

There is no room for doubt.

Jaen FS will meet in Burela to play the 'playoff' against Movistar Inter for the title.

There is no room for doubt. The same distilling punch that was missing in certain moments of the course, and minimising errors. Jaen Paraiso Interior beats BurelaFS on their field and is certified as seventh in the table. They will then play Movistar Inter in a two-leg match.

Hours before the duel started, the Royal Spanish Football Federation announced that the match would be canceled "after a disagreement between Fuchs Sport and the production company." This is a new insult to a sport that has been mistreated by the federal government and it deserves a bigger entity.

Some lizards had sharp claws and the duel began. They were intense and developed high pressure, which meant they tried to choke the local ball production. Unluckily, Pazos was the first to try and find the goal with a long shot. It was a mirage. Antonio Perez, the youth squad, responded with two actions: a volley as well as a cross shot. It did not result in anything positive.

After five minutes, the yellows struck first, wearing their purple kit. Carlitos mediated the action and he took an individual action to the right, which saw him clean the Galician goal team of cobwebs.

Both areas were able to benefit from this goal. Jaen was looking to increase their income, and the locals explored their equalizing options. Bruno avoided Henrique’s goal, and while the Brazilian goalkeeper from Jaen FS tried hard to clear a long goal, Carlitos hit a ball on the crossbar behind Bruno Petry's wall. The local goalkeeper saved Petry. The party stripped of its tactical corset. An exciting duel.

The most insightful were however the students led by Dani Rodriguez. Aicardo, Dani Martin and Bruno Petry warned of the intentions. This culminated in the forced shot taken from Salamanca by Dani Martin. Minute 9, and the 'playoff' for the title, are on track.

Burela FS made a leap forward with a stronger offensive presence. The yellow rent was increased by the addition of the blackboard from Rodriguez, the architect. Attos assists and the Argentine Alan Brandi places the ball in the cage.

Jaen Paraiso Interior FS had a clear lead on the scoreboard and stepped up the accelerator. The party saw a drop in revolutions. Carlitos raised the revolutions in the 18th, when he took Henrique's goalkeeper's center-shot at far post. It was then put to rest.

Burela took the initiative after the restart. Burela increased the pressure and had the best scoring opportunities. Henrique erected a strong wall against Wanderson and Pazos.

Jaen FS was able to restore their idyll after Rafa Merino's men failed to find the right formula for closing the gap. Dani Martin scored the goal he had been looking for in the 27th minute. He was chasing a ball in the area, but it was Henrique who found the goal with his usual long shot, which deflected just enough to the defense.

After Isma's assist, Nito signed the goal for local honor in the 34th minutes.

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