In a bizarre case of hitmen, Damien Abad's name is mentioned

This is the second Abad case.

In a bizarre case of hitmen, Damien Abad's name is mentioned

This is the second Abad case. In another barbouzerie scandal, the name of the Minister for Solidarity, Autonomy and Disabled People, which is being accused of rape, appears in the judicial wiretapping. This is a couple who are suspected of wanting to kill their employee, "Liberation", reported Friday, just hours before he entered government.

After the arrest of two DGSE soldiers in summer 2020, the case was made public. The suspects were preparing to kill a woman who left her home, according to investigations. The Paris-based investigating judges seize a criminal cell that is made up former intelligence service and private security agents. They are suspected of fomenting criminal plots. This includes beatings, spinning, and the theft of documents.

One suspect directs justice towards the bosses at a plastics plant in the valley Oyonnax in Ain. He assures that they have placed a contract upon the head of a unionized worker.

The investigators learn the name of Damien Abad from the wiretap of the couple. The couple are not aware that they are under the scanners of investigators. However, they are concerned about the media coverage and fear being incriminated. Damien Abad is the man that they used to audit safety in their factory. According to his husband, Damien Abad called him in order to learn more about the case.

According to his wife's words, the deputy would have "fished for information" and planned to contact the prefect of department and prosecutor. He would also have instructed them to speak in the media "to counter a little everything they have said."

Although the husband was exonerated, he is still being held in police custody for his comments about the deputy. According to his lawyer at "Liberation", his wife is still suspected of criminal association "to co-operate in a crime" with her husband. She wears an electronic bracelet.

When Damien Abad was questioned by the daily, he denied that he wanted to intervene in the court of justice. He stated that it was the couple who first contacted him. He said that he had only found out about the situation and that he never tried to protect them. He strongly denied having spoken with the public prosecutor if he did.