How and where to find iron in V Rising? Our guide

Among the essential resources for your progress in the game is iron.

How and where to find iron in V Rising? Our guide

Among the essential resources for your progress in the game is iron. This ore is one of the best choices for quality equipment, we explain where and how to find it.

V Rising continues to take Steam by storm, and looks set to become one of the hits of the year. With its gameplay halfway between Valheim and Diablo, and its deeply unique artistic direction, the game from Stunlock Studios offers a unique experience, which can sometimes seem complex for new players. To progress in the game, you will need to unlock access to new resources allowing you to craft (manufacture) new equipment. Iron is one, and one of the most important. Except that of course, it is not super easy to access. We explain where and how to find it.

To get access to iron, you will first need to unlock its recipe at the foundry. And get ready for a long tutorial because accessing the iron requires validating several steps beforehand. Because indeed, if you take a look at your blood altar, you will notice that the one who gives you the recipe for iron is the V Boss Quincey the Bandit King. However, this is where things get complicated. Quincey, king as he is, is in the brigands' fortress, north of Farbane Wood. And if you have already had the opportunity to take a walk there, you will notice that the fortress is completely enclosed by imposing walls. To destroy these walls, you will need explosives.

To gain access to explosives, you will first need to unlock, you guessed it, the alchemy table. To do this, you will first need to track down and eliminate the V Boss Clive the Firestarter. You'll find it in the bandits' sulfur mine to the west of the map. Be careful, Clive is a level 30 boss, and he can be tough to defeat. First be sure to kill all the bandits around before you start your fight with him. Favor spells and ranged weapons and you will kill him more easily. Once Clive is defeated, collect as much sulfur ore as possible in the mine and return to your castle. Defeating Clive has given you three essential recipes, the Sulfur Recipe, the Explosives Recipe, and the Alchemy Table Recipe. All you have to do is smelt your sulfur ore at the smelter to create your alchemy table, then craft your explosives there.

With your explosives in hand, you can go to the bandit fortress, pay a visit to Quincey the Bandit King, at the bandit fortress. Beware, this V Boss is extremely tough. Again, be prepared for a long and intense fight, and especially make sure to get there at the start of the night. Once you have overcome Quincey, return to your castle. You will then have unlocked the iron ingot recipe in the foundry, as well as new weapon and armor recipes. Somehow, you just defeated the final boss of the Farbane Woods area.

Except now you need to find iron ore! And for that, you will have to travel a little bit. Equip your Ruthless Bronze Mace (the upgraded version of the Bronze Mace), and head north to Dunley Farms. Beware, this is a high level area, make sure you go there with an item level of at least 35. You will find iron deposits all over the place, especially in the haunted iron mine in the center of The area. All you have to do is mine the iron deposits and fill your pockets to the maximum before returning to your base and running the furnaces!