Data measurement technology in the service of eSports tournaments

Although eSports may sound strange to many, it is a niche market that has become increasingly popular and can be as appealing to brands and fans as any other competition.

Data measurement technology in the service of eSports tournaments

Although eSports may sound strange to many, it is a niche market that has become increasingly popular and can be as appealing to brands and fans as any other competition. Kronte, one of the Alhambra Venture 2022 finalists, was created to provide the best technology for organizing eSports tournaments. Every month, millions of amateur tournaments are organized. However, the technology behind them is not current and slows down their growth. The Andalusian company offers automatic results and a classification algorithm to counter this.

This project was born in an unusual way. Raul Gonzalez (Technology Director) and Alvaro Alcazar (CEO), met Ignacio Espana at a Startups Demium event in Malaga in September 2019. The idea was born out of brainstorming sessions about the videogame sector in full expansion, which was very appealing to the founders and the problems that a startup could solve.

They met and worked together to reach the decision that they wanted to embark on the entrepreneurial journey together. Although each of them had their own reasons for wanting to start businesses, the event gave them the push they needed to do so. The project began with the selection of the videogame industry, and then the analysis of all aspects and needs of that market. It also identified the technology that would address the issues that could affect the growth and improvement in the various roles.

Kronte Gaming Analytics, a Malaga platform, focuses on providing measurement of tournament organizers' results. This allows them to know the level of their participants and group them into tournaments that are limited by their levels. They also offer the option to activate Ares (their flagship product), which detects cheating potential participants. You can create a tournament by filling out the form and invite participants with one click access.

Kronte is not an organizing platform. However, it provides the technology and tools to tournament organizers with a network of players. The creators of Kronte explain this by giving an example: "We offer the ability to measure the data of participants in real-time during amateur tournaments. This allows us to quickly calculate scores, rate players and detect cheaters in real time.

They target tournament organizers with a large user base who are familiar with eSports competitions. They also target players who are looking to improve their game skills or prepare for the tournaments in which they will be participating.

Kronte believes that one of the core values of the company is having a team that has been focusing on the market's differential value: measuring data. This innovative approach improves organizers' experience and addresses real market needs. They also admit that it is easy to show the effectiveness of their services.

They are aware that companies are starting to include data measurement within their ecosystem. This allows them to generate value on their platform and not on other platforms. They don't see any danger in that. They believe their philosophy is to "not put doors on the fields" and that their technology can be used anywhere, "totally open to adaptable to any format the organizer uses, and with the possibility to use the services they require". They also point out that they have the unique ability to offer anti-cheating technologies due to their vast experience in data measurement.

The Malaga project currently has two clear short-term goals. To attract more organizers to try their services, while more gamers take part in tournaments using Kronte technology, and enjoy the platform for their own entertainment, training, or just having fun with some special scores.

They also aim to improve technology that allows organizers to manage tournaments efficiently, such as the payment gateway to manage collections, send prizes, or increase the number of available games. They hope to be the leading platform for managing Gaming and eSports competitions at both an amateur and professional level. They point out that their goal is to manage more than 20,000 monthly contests in a year.

All these reasons are why they believe that Alhambra Venture 2022 participation is something that every Andalusian startup aspires and has in mind. We know it is the most important event connecting entrepreneurs and investors in southern Spain, and it is an honour to be selected. It will be an unforgettable experience to have a voice about our project, connect with entrepreneurs and learn from the strong Andalusian ecosystem.