She waved: Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrated with a festive pageant

The crowning moment of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration was her wave to tens and thousands of people from Buckingham Palace's balcony on Sunday.

She waved: Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrated with a festive pageant

The crowning moment of Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee celebration was her wave to tens and thousands of people from Buckingham Palace's balcony on Sunday. This delighted fans who had hoped for a chance to see her during the last day of festivities celebrating the monarch’s 70-year reign.

Due to mobility issues, the 96-year old monarch has had to cut back on her activities in recent months. The queen was last seen in public only twice before Sunday. Both were on Thursdays during the holiday weekend celebrations. Officials claimed she felt "discomfort” during these events.

The monarch was joined by Prince Charles, Camilla and Prince William on the balcony. This was the culmination of a lively, colorful pageant.

It was a picture for history and a glimpse into her future with her three heirs, Charles, William, and Prince George, all 73 years old.

The queen, dressed in bright-colored attire, waved and smiled as the crowd sang "God Save The Queen". She was then followed by a crowd-pleasing rendition of ABBA "Dancing Queen".


It was a fitting end to a huge street pageant that celebrated the life of Queen Elizabeth II and highlighted Britain's diversity. Many people gathered in London to express their pride and excitement about the queen and their country.

"We were totally overwhelmed. "We came over patriotically and excited in a manner that we didn’t think we would," said Veronica Timperley (75), who watched with her daughter Kate.

The monarch thanked all who had celebrated her Platinum Jubilee and issued a statement afterwards.

There is no set of guidelines for marking seventy-years as Queen. She said that it was a first. "But I am humbled and touched by the number of people who have taken to streets to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.

"While I might not have been able to attend every event in person; my heart was with you all. I am committed to serving you the best I can, supported by my family."

Sunday's pageant opened with a military parade that featured 200 horses marching down Buckingham Palace to the Mall. The horses accompanied the gold state coach, which was a gilded carriage carrying the queen to her coronation in 1953. The coach's windows showed a virtual representation of her, taken directly from the 1953 coronation.

Following the pomp and pageantry, there was a mix of acts that celebrated the diversity of modern Britain. These included hip hop and Bollywood dancers as well as drag queens and Mardi Gras-style floats.

A parade of approximately 6,000 performers walked along a three-kilometer (nearly 2-mile) route that was lined with Union flags. They told the story of Queen Elizabeth's life through dance, vintage cars, and giant puppets.

Here were some of Britain's most beloved cultural exports, including the Daleks from "Doctor Who" and James Bond's Aston Martins. Cliff Richard, a singer and dancer, performed from double-decker buses that were open-top and could be opened to show the sounds and sights of every decade starting in the 1950s.

It's an immense honor to be a part of this. Aren't we the best queens in the world? Warren Jobson, a motorcycle rider, declared that the United States was the best country in the world.

According to organizers, the pageant was viewed by around 1 billion people worldwide.

To get the best view of this pageant, the most passionate royal fans braved the cold and wet weather by camping out on the Mall overnight. While some came to see the performers, such as Ed Sheeran who sang "Perfect", while a large video screen displayed pictures of the queen and their families, others simply wanted to be part in a historic moment.

It's part history and it won't happen again. It's a special event, so you have to go big or go home if you want to achieve it," stated Shaun Wallen (50).

The queen was not able to join her family at the royal box for the pageant. The queen and Prince Harry, along with their family, did not travel to the U.K. for the first time since they left royal duties in 2020 and moved to the U.S. They were in the U.K. to celebrate the big holiday weekend but they largely avoided the spotlight.

After the Sunday parade, thousands of people rushed to the Mall in an attempt to see the queen. They filled the vast expanse in minutes.

The monarch delights the nation when she appears in a comedy video opening an evening concert at Buckingham Palace. The video shows the monarch having tea with a computer-animated Paddington Bear, a popular children's character from the U.K. She also revealed that she loved marmalade sandwiches, and kept them in her bag.

The star-studded tribute concert featured Duran Duran and Alicia Keys, as well as Diana Ross and Queen.

Charles spoke out about his mother's symbolism of stability and unity through the years at the concert. Charles addressed the queen as "Your Majesty," mummy, and said: "You laugh with us, and, most importantly you have been there to us for these seventy years."

Millions of Americans celebrated the occasion by throwing street parties and holding barbeques. They lined streets with picnic food, balloons, and tables with long tables. Charles and Camilla met up with the crowd at The Oval cricket grounds in London on Sunday for a "Big Jubilee lunch."

David Godwin, a veteran, was at a central London street party celebrating and said that the queen had "brought" him together.

He said, "She reflects our country"

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