Budget 2022: what has been recorded

BUDGET 2022.

Budget 2022: what has been recorded

BUDGET 2022. Adopted in mid-December by Parliament, the 2022 budget includes a number of changes. Linternaute.com has listed them for you.

The long budget marathon has come to an end. The 2022 draft budget was adopted by 142 votes for, 50 against and one abstention on December 15. If the government has not stopped hammering the end of "whatever it costs", it has however multiplied the announcements, such as the plan for the independents, the extension of Ma Prime Rénov', etc. Between the presentation of the draft budget in the Council of Ministers and the end of its examination at the Palais Bourbon, 11.8 billion additional expenses were added. As a result, the deficit forecast is increased to 5% of GDP in 2022, with a negative balance of 155 billion euros. Increase in expenses, investment plan... Are you wondering what awaits you? Linternaute.com lists the measures that concern you directly.

The government recently announced the introduction of an additional energy check of 100 euros, paid in December to the 5.8 million households already benefiting from the energy check. This measure is intended to be included in the last amending budget for the year 2021, and not for 2022. In order to contain the surge in prices, the government has announced the implementation of a price shield, from November 1 until the end of 2022. This decision has been integrated into the first part of the PLF devoted to revenue. Want to know more about rising electricity prices? Check out our dedicated article:

The employment contract aims to support young people who are unemployed and in training. In exchange for a commitment, they receive an income. The outlines of this device were unveiled by the executive. Renamed youth engagement contract, this is a system for 400,000 young people from March 2022. It will result in 15 to 20 hours of support (training, workshops, studies, employment, etc.). In return, the young person may receive compensation of up to 500 euros per month. To learn more, see our dedicated article:

A dedicated amendment was adopted by the National Assembly on Thursday, November 4, so that the youth employment contract can be integrated into the finance bill.

Do not expect any particular change concerning the income tax scale in 2022, through the finance bill. "Fiscal stability is the best way to restore confidence to households and businesses, to promote consumption and investment," said Laurent Saint-Martin.

Nothing very new really. The finance bill will simply confirm the timetable adopted in 2018. As a reminder, a reform has been initiated to abolish the housing tax on the main residence. Since 2020, 80% of the poorest households who paid it no longer owe it. This leaves the wealthiest 20%. In 2021, they benefit from a 30% reduction. In 2022, they will be entitled to a reduction of 65%. The cost of this measure is estimated at 2.9 billion in 2022. The local tax will be definitively abolished in 2023. Find all the information in our dedicated file:

Note: the TV license fee remains fixed at 138 euros in 2022.

This is one of the surprises of the 2022 draft budget, and it will be particularly welcomed by households intending to carry out energy renovation work in their main residence. Scheduled to last only one year in 2021, the Ma Prime Renov' system allowing you to obtain a contribution to the costs will be extended in 2022, to the great satisfaction of the Ministry of Ecological Transition.

Rest assured, social assistance will not disappear. "We are extending all aid or social minima such as the activity bonus, the AAH [allowance for disabled adults], the minimum old age [ASPA, ndlr]…", said Laurent Saint-Martin, general rapporteur for the budget. from Money Vox.

The device resulting from the Pinel law is intended to gradually disappear by 2024. The government is currently working on a new device which integrates housing quality criteria, such as brightness or interior layout, said the Ministry of Housing . "The criteria selected will be unveiled in mid-October," said a recent press release from the ministry. A decree will be published at this time to reveal the contours of the "Pinel".

Note: the government has approved the extension of a number of measures as part of the 2022 budget. The PTZ, for example, will finally be extinguished at the end of 2023. Same story for the eco -PTZ, whose ceiling in the event of global renovation has been increased to 50,000 euros against 30,000 euros currently. Finally, the Denormandie device is also extended until the end of 2023. As for the Censi-Bouvard device, it is extended until the end of 2022.

Via an amendment to the 2022 budget, the government plans to strengthen the attractiveness of the Affordable Rent system, encouraging private landlords to rent their property at a discount, in return for a tax carrot. From January 1, 2022, and until December 2024, the Affordable Rent scheme will take the form of a tax credit, which will no longer depend on the taxpayer's marginal tax rate. The ceiling on rents will be based on the actual rents of the municipality concerned.

In detail, the tax credit will depend on the discount granted: -15% will give rise to a reduction rate of 15%, a 30% reduction in rent will allow you to benefit from a tax credit of 35%. "If you go through a real estate agency to rent your property, your tax reduction will improve further," said Minister Emmanuelle Wargon, up to 65% reduction for a discount of 45%.

As part of an amendment to the finance bill, the government has allowed tips paid by credit card to be tax-exempt. The measure was announced by Emmanuel Macron last September. The tax exemption is capped at 20% of the gross salary. It is valid until December 2022.

There too, nothing new. The PLF 2022 will simply record the last step of the reform initiated in 2018. Next year, the corporate tax rate will thus increase to 25% for all companies, regardless of their size. The stated objective is to improve their competitiveness.

The President of the Republic recently unveiled a dedicated plan for the self-employed, very affected during the coronavirus health crisis. Some measures are incorporated into the Finance Bill 2022. Here is what was announced:


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