Help with tax filing: Who can give you a hand?


Help with tax filing: Who can give you a hand?

TAX DECLARATION HELP 2021. The end date of the tax return is this Tuesday, June 8 for all.

[Updated June 08, 2021 at 08:59] Complex family situation, tax credits and reductions... Are you having difficulty completing your tax return? We're going to have to put in some serious work, because the deadline is approaching. For the paper form, it has already passed. If you declare online, the deadline depends on your department number. However, the very last deadline comes on Tuesday, June 8 (departments 55 to 976). This is the time to seek help if you are unable to complete the document correctly.

Before calling on taxes, which may be difficult to access by telephone due to the high number of people, have you thought about looking for the tax concept that you may be lacking? For this, you have the tax site, which provides dozens of technical questions. For its part, the site has developed a "wikipedia" of the declaration of the tax return. All you have to do is enter one or more keywords in the search bar to obtain a result in the form of a file, sometimes supplemented by a video.

Do you prefer to contact the tax services directly? Keep in mind that taxpayers are strongly encouraged to opt for paperless contacts this year, due to the health crisis. In addition to secure messaging, a dedicated telephone number has been created: 0809 401 401 can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. After a few minutes – more or less long – of waiting, you will come across a tax agent who will have direct access to your tax file.

Want to save time? Great novelty of 2021, the tax administration has developed a chatbot. Called AMI – for Tax Messaging Assistant -, this virtual assistant is accessible from your secure messaging system. Once you click on the button, you have several choices: either type your own question in the window that appears, or click on one of the suggestions (Documents, tax news, tax question, change of location or address and withholding tax), as shown in this presentation video.

Contacted by, the tax authorities made it clear to us that this tool is automated. There is therefore no agent behind to answer, since it is not a live chat. On the other hand, she told us that agents were responsible for updating, completing and correcting the various scenarios and tax news. Do you want to know more about the tax news for this year 2021? Consult our dedicated file:

You have tested taxes, both by telephone and online, exhausted online resources (practical tax brochure, files, etc.), or you wish to ask a question, while avoiding arousing any suspicions with the FISC administration ? Do not panic. You have several solutions for this. lists them for you: