Prime bac: what boost with your mention?


Prime bac: what boost with your mention?

PREMIUM BAC. Some banking establishments pay a bonus to high school graduates who have obtained a mention.

Some banking institutions congratulate new graduates: they offer rewards, sometimes reaching more than 100 euros. Attention, keep in mind that to benefit from it you will have to open a bank account or a savings account within this same bank. Which establishments are concerned? We take stock.

Crédit Agricole is made up of several regional banks. Crédit Agricole Lorraine was undoubtedly one of the most generous banks last year. If you opened a first bank account in his establishment and had obtained a very good mention in the baccalaureate, then you could benefit from a bonus of 250 euros! With a good mention, you were entitled to a bonus of 100 euros. The mention fairly well allowed you to take advantage of a small sum of 50 euros. This bonus was exclusively reserved for the first 1,000 account openings. And in 2021? Crédit Agricole Lorraine has opted for an offer in the form of a gift voucher (50 euros in Kadéos voucher, valid from July 6 to September 30).

Caisse d'Epargne is also made up of several regional entities. The Grand Est fund does not offer a bac bonus as such, but an offer with different Youth formulas, for its customers aged 18 to 28, "depending on your daily needs".

BNP Paribas offers an offer equivalent to that of Société Générale. The bonus was 80 euros for all high school graduates, regardless of the graduate's success, for any opening of a bank account. “The €80 will be paid within 3 months of the date you open your deposit account,” read the dedicated BNP Paribas page last year. "In the absence of proof of obtaining the baccalaureate, the bonus of 80€ will not be granted and the standard Esprit Libre rate will be applied in accordance with the Guide to conditions and rates for individuals available in the agency".

Last year, the CIC bank was not to renew its bonus operation for the baccalaureate. On the other hand, it was to grant a support bonus to students who took out a loan. This boost amounted to 150 euros. In 2021, good news, CIC is renewing its bonus: 40 euros for a Fairly Good mention, 80 euros for a Good mention and 160 euros for a Very Good mention.

To benefit from it, you will have to open a savings account within the banking establishment. "Offer reserved for winners of the BAC 2021 de France who have obtained a mention Fairly Good, Good or Very Good, valid until 30/09/2021 on presentation of the transcript", can we read on the site. "Only one offer per winner. The sums will be paid into a CIC savings account opened or to be opened in the name of the winner. See conditions in the agency or on".

Strictly speaking, there is no prime baccalaureate. On the other hand, regardless of your success in the baccalaureate exam, you can have a gratuity of 80 euros, when opening a bank account from the Sobrio offer, which includes an account, a card and insurance or Jazz.

Like Crédit Agricole, Banque Populaire is made up of several regional entities. At the Banque Populaire Alsace Lorraine Champagne, for example, a welcome offer last year provided for the payment of a bonus depending on the grade obtained: Admitted (15 euros), Fairly good (25 euros), Good (50 euros) and Very good (100 euros).

To obtain a bonus for the baccalaureate, you must also turn to your municipality, region or department! Aid is indeed paid by some local authorities. In Montrouge, for example, a subsidy of 800 euros is provided for high school graduates with honors and 400 euros for high school graduates with high honors. This aid can be used to acquire computer equipment, take a language course, pay registration fees for higher education or even finance a driving licence.

In Drancy, an aid of 50 euros is provided for high school graduates who have obtained the honors fairly well, 100 euros for the honors and 150 euros for the honors very well. The city of Nice offers 150 euros for the most deserving baccalaureate holders.

The South region grants a grant of 400 euros for non-scholarship holders and a scholarship of 400 euros for three years to scholarship holders. For the Pays de la Loire region, the aid amounts to 200 euros for non-scholarship holders and 400 euros for scholarship holders.

The Île-de-France Region is renewing the merit aid of 1,000 euros for the sixth year. It concerns graduates from the Ile-de-France who have obtained a very good mention in the 2021 baccalaureate, whose families have low incomes, who benefit from the student grant and who are continuing their studies in Île-de-France. “Once these conditions have been met, there is no procedure to take”, we explain on the dedicated page of the Region. "The Region will pay eligible students, through the Crous de Paris, the regional scholarship in the amount of 1,000 euros during the 2021-2022 academic year".


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