All companies have the option of targeted advertising

It is difficult to find the ideal niche market in the advertising industry.

All companies have the option of targeted advertising

It is difficult to find the ideal niche market in the advertising industry. ONiAd, the finalist startup in Alhambra Venture 2022 is democratizing this opportunity to make it accessible to all brands in digital. This company allows all brands to advertise as large corporations.

It provides a platform for programmatic advertising campaigns. This involves showing the ad at the right place and time to the right person. It segments by taste, consumption habits, and geolocation. This powerful combination ensures that ads are only shown to the intended audience.

They want to make digital advertising easy and accessible. We have an intuitive platform that removes the need for technical knowledge. You don't need to know anything about technology to use it. All you have to do is reflect on your goals and the tool will guide you. They also highlight the fact that intuition is a significant time saver in creating and launching campaigns, as it can be set up in minutes.

They have also developed Amplifier as a complement to their existing solution. This service can address the most complex programmatic issues that are not possible with their current tool. Our added value is in the elimination and sharing of knowledge, time and transparency. They highlight that we provide precise data about what happens in every campaign through automated results reports."

The ONiAd team consists of 31 experts who are specialists in marketing, sales strategy, operations, technology, and other areas. The idea for the project came about organically. Javier Martinez Amo, the CEO, was responsible for managing advertising campaigns for another company's brands and realized that there were no tools that could be adapted to reach his audience. He teamed up with Nodriza Tech to create a tool to manage advertising differently and complement the ones that were already in place. ONiAd was established in 2017, but they have been working on the product for many years.

Zaragoza is an initiative that targets marketing, advertising, and communication managers at companies as well as advertising and marketing agencies. They claim that they are not your competitors, but a support to your work, a tool you can trust to make it more efficient, better and measurable. They believe that the combination of product/service is what makes them successful. They provide simplicity and effectiveness in campaigns that produce results, as well as a simple, safe, and agile work environment. In addition, they have a team available to support clients and serve them with strategy and support.

They invoiced 2,328,000 Euros last 2021. The key to their success and what sets them apart from other competitors is the elimination and professional support of the entire team. They are currently consolidated in Spain using a proven work formula. They are expanding rapidly and they expect to double their annual growth. "In the short-term, we are searching for a stronger product that incorporates new functions. They explain that they are strengthening our structure to prepare for future expansion in other markets. However, the future plans are to become an international tool and consolidate in Mexico, Latin America, and the US. They are also collaborating with universities and business centres to implement a large-scale teaching initiative, Project Teachers. It is proving very successful in the classrooms. They point out that the program is taking on more tone and will result in a strong line of expansion.

They see Alhambra Venture participation as an opportunity to grow and network. They say that it will allow them to build relationships with other startups, learn from them and exchange ideas.