Bal: "If we are forced to vote against the labor reform, the government will cave"

He admits that the agreement between the government and employers is a "success" despite wearing garments.

Bal: "If we are forced to vote against the labor reform, the government will cave"

He admits that the agreement between the government and employers is a "success" despite wearing garments. He also gives Yolanda Diaz praise, admitting to having a great relationship with her. Edmundo Bal (Huelva 1967) insists that he offers the nine Citizens votes to confirm the labor reform on Thursday, even though he feels that United We Can is "disregarding his support."

- Could it be the trump card of the Cs to win the protagonism back?

- We don't seek to be the protagonists of any kind. Many of the agreements were reached in 2016 by the PSOE. Things have changed over the years. This is not labor reform. However, it is the labor reform of the PSOE. It does not alter the existing labor relations.

- Are they in touch with the government?

- I explained to Felix Bolanos, myself, that we would support the decree. We wouldn't enter into any marketing or change a single comma. I asked him to not give in to the nationalists or independentists.

- However, the United We Can part is not comfortable with your presence. Are they feeling excluded?

- It is absurd and unbelievable that the promoter for the agreement, which is undoubtedly a great success, ignores the votes from those who support it. It's the politics of absurdity! Yolanda Diaz is someone I admire greatly, but she is irresponsible when it comes to jeopardizing the great agreement between employers-unions.

- Are you positive it will work?

It is possible that it will be elected by a simple majority due to our votes. However, I believe that wisdom and common sense will prevail and a right-wing party such as the PNV should support the views of businessmen. This is because Basque businessmen also support labor reform.

Is the PNV more digestible than ERC or EH Bildu for Cs?

- While we do not value our fellow travelers, it is not our intention to scrutinize who votes for whom.

Basque nationalists demand that the autonomous agreements prevail over the state. It is acceptable?

- No. Your proposal would be a violation of labor law. A comma in a decree cannot be touched.

- What if the PNV gets the commitment of Executive without the decree?

- We would vote against the Government if it yields.

- This means that the support of Cs is not dependent on the literality of the text...

Future concessions can't be promised or processed like a bill. This would allow nationalists and separatists the opportunity to blackmail the government tomorrow, as soon as a contingency occurs.

- Does the employer have a right to veto the Legislative

- The CEOE has the same statement as the unions. It is understandable that after negotiating for nine long months, each of them renounced certain things, it was a lot of effort. They want the political forces they work with to respect their efforts.

- Was Arrimadas looking for a photo with Fatima Benez (author of the prior law and now in CEOE) to show the loneliness of PP?

It wasn't negotiated. Fatima, who thanked us for our support, came out in the media to clear any doubts. The PP is making a huge mistake. Casado admits to this when he states that only 10% of Rajoy’s reforms have been implemented. He says he is not in the not for not. He will not be found by the citizens in this destructive opposition.

They first saved a state in crisis, then they negotiated the Budgets and now they are ready to help with labor reform. Cs is it a desire to become a part of the Government?

- We support the good things for the country. In the future, we will do the same. We also offered 'via 221,' (PP, PP and Cs) at the beginning to Sanchez so that he could govern with parties with a sense state and not independentistas.

- There was an 'via 180' before. Cs and PSOE had absolute majority in 2019, but Albert Rivera didn't want it. Are they sorry?

Cs staged it badly, so a government offer to the PSOE should have been made. Sanchez would surely have said no. It was later that we saw the Budgets and Sanchez decided to join the ranks of the separatists.

Race to 13-F

- Was it a mistake for the PP to be given so much power in the autonomous community?

- The fundamental error in the 2019 negotiation was to give all presidencies the PP. He didn't realize that these people could, and have done so, dismantle successful governments for their own electoral self-interest.

- If Castilla y Leon depends on the votes from Cs, will Manueco again be president of Castilla y Leon?

- He behaved dishonestly, as if he didn't know what he was doing. This person cannot be trusted with the citizens' votes.

- And another PP candidate

- This will be observed the next day. We bring a government program to the elections and offer the citizens the chance to continue to govern as we have done.

Vox would like to be an Executive. They would allow it.

- We are the antidote against extremism. We don't want him to be a part of any government, or force them to accept his retrograde ideas.

- Andalusia has always relied on them.

Vox attempts to undermine this liberal policy by colluding and supporting the PSOE. Because it is good for citizens, I hope the legislature will last.