With the Taliban back in the future

let us remember: they were stoning alleged adulteresses, they blew up the great Buddha statues, closed schools for girls, and the stadium was no longer played f

With the Taliban back in the future

let us remember: they were stoning alleged adulteresses, they blew up the great Buddha statues, closed schools for girls, and the stadium was no longer played football, but executed – these were the Taliban .

Until U.S. forces expelled the self-appointed warriors of God in the fall of 2001 from Power. The Americans were after the attacks of September 11. September moved out, in order to eliminate the hotbed of terrorism in Afghanistan. Owned by the same Islamist ideology as Osama Bin Laden had granted the Taliban, al-Qaeda guests.

But the joy over the rapid success of the American armed forces was premature, it is a prolonged 18-year-old war of attrition followed. The Taliban were never really defeated, but only distributed. They gathered newly, trained in Pakistan, their retreat, and organized from there, a guerrilla war, which cost approximately 3000 soldiers from the United States and its Nato allies life. The number of Afghan deaths is estimated to be at least half a Million.

The Taliban attack Kabul to

so Now the Taliban are so close in Power since 2001. You have agreed with the representatives of the American government at the weekend that the United States withdraw their troops. In return, the Taliban promised to house no more terrorists – as if they were your own. In addition, you should negotiate with the Afghan government, which is, however, a falling out already, the end of the civil war. In a hurry, the Taliban will not have it so clearly: Back from Doha, declared unabashedly, the agreement with the United States, according to "will attack our Mujahedeen are no foreign troops, but our actions against the forces of the Kabul government will continue".

U.S. President Donald Trump has promised his voters to end America's longest war. And pictures of GIs who return to their bases in the USA, he can use it in the election year. In fact, however, the US generals warned in Afghanistan, as well as the former US Ambassador in Kabul, Zalmay Khalilzad, has now negotiated in Doha, by the end of 2001 that the Taliban were planning a Comeback. The government of George W. Bush focused but already on the planned war in Iraq, the other large Disaster.

An Afghan woman in a burqa riding a donkey in addition to her husband, (2008). Photo: Reuters

The war in Afghanistan was henceforth regarded as not recoverable. With the signing of the "peace agreement" of Doha, the US government admits this officially. Because the so-called peace agreement is the Roadmap for the return of the Islamists to Kabul. This is reminiscent of another "peace agreement", namely, that of Paris in the year 1973, the U.S. withdrew from the Vietnam war.

Today, the United States face a similar Dilemma. Also at the time, was in a distant war, could not win. And had lasted 18 years, if you look at the beginning of the military aid to the anti-Communist Regime in Saigon in 1955 as a starting point for U.S. involvement in the Vietnam war. The agreement of Paris ended in a similar way to the agreement of Doha, America's direct military involvement, the North Vietnamese troops and the Vietcong guerrillas during a decency period still had to keep. In 1975, she moved then in Saigon.

Washington to the unimaginable sum of 2000 billion dollars in the Afghan armed forces have invested.

In Vietnam had the United States in Afghanistan, huge sums in building up an army of plugged in, the should fight the enemies of America, at the time, the Communists, today Islamists. The "New York Times" called the unimaginable sum of 2000 billion U.S. dollars, which have invested in Washington in the Afghan armed forces.

With a modest success, Despite numbers quantitative and technical Superiority, they often look into the Distance, when the Taliban attack. The Islamists risk the head to get to heaven. Police and soldiers fight only for money and not for God. Also reminiscent of the Vietnam war, where the ideologically stable Communists did not let loose, unseen to the high losses. The South Vietnamese army was, however, unreliable.

Afghanistan's fate therefore depends on how long the U.S. government is willing to keep a respectable troop contingent in Afghanistan, despite the Doha agreement. Because the government put in troops, hardly fighting force, if their American allies to say goodbye. Also, South Vietnam was to stay with the comparison, as a state far stronger than Afghanistan.

The United States, have pledged to the Taliban, within 20 weeks of their troops, up from 14'000 to 8600 to shut down and in 14 months to be deducted. US Ambassador Khalilzad has assured that this is done only if the Taliban keep to their part of the agreement. But it's not what the Ambassador says, but rather what is decided by the President of the Trump. The Taliban rely on him.

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