The audience spell: What does this mean for the Zurich club and Fans

What is the meaning of the Federal Council's decision for the hockey and football games of the Zurich big clubs? Kloten is already clear: The Playoff qua

The audience spell: What does this mean for the Zurich club and Fans

What is the meaning of the Federal Council's decision for the hockey and football games of the Zurich big clubs?

Kloten is already clear: The Playoff quarter-finals of the Swiss League will be played without spectators ready. The EHC Kloten plays for sure on Friday (game 5 against the GCK Lions, current status 3:1), possibly also on Sunday and Wednesday. How it is to go after the quarter-final shall be decided by the League on Monday.

ZSC: In the National League the last two qualifying matches took place rounds on Friday and Saturday without an audience. The ZSC to occur on Friday in Biel. On Saturday, he receives in the empty hall, stadium, train. The Playoff is scheduled for the Saturday of next week. But Denis Vaucher, Director of the highest two leagues, says: "We are in the process to check the possible variants." If the playoffs actually start at the scheduled time, but without an audience, is still open. There is no certainty that in Switzerland from the age of 15. March can be held events with over 1000 visitors. Speculation does not want to engage in Vaucher. It is clear that There is a three-quarters majority of the Clubs needs for decisions.

GC and FCZ: , The Swiss Football League (SFL) from the Federal Council's big event a ban is a drastic measure. All of the games of the two highest Swiss football leagues from this weekend have been postponed to an undetermined date.

On Monday, the further procedure will be discussed at a special conference with all of the Swiss professional clubs. "To be able to due to the high time pressure and to the championship in a regular framework continue to be games without spectators be envisaged," writes the SFL in its communication. At the same time would have to be taken into account in the discussion of the possible scenarios but also the economic interests of the Clubs.

What happens to the Tickets sold?

ZSC: In the case of the people of Zurich will be reimbursed the single tickets for Saturday's home game against EV Zug back. What happens to the season tickets holders, whether they receive compensation, it is probably to be decided individually.

Kloten What happens with the already sold Tickets, is still the subject of investigations, as its CEO Pascal Signer says. In the terms and conditions to be dropped (the game is considered played) or mounted game, to the exclusion of the Public to expire the Tickets, and there can be no compensation claims against the organiser is: "early game." On the Contrary, there is, nevertheless, conceivable.

FCZ: In relation to the Tickets sold for the away game on Saturday against YB writes the club on Twitter: "We ask all the Fans who have already purchased a Ticket for tomorrow's game between YB and the FCZ, this store. The Tickets for the Revaluation of the match will be void. More info to follow in due time."

GC: In the case of Revaluation of the previously sold Tickets remain valid. It becomes complicated when the games take place without spectators. For single tickets, it is stated in the terms and conditions of sale: "In the case of game cancellations, game stop, or Play in part or whole, to the exclusion of spectators if an exchange is not possible, and it accounts for any and all claims to compensation for the purchase price." Also, for season tickets is not entitled to a replacement or part of the purchase price and (partially) there is "no right to return or exchange." It is conceivable, however, that the Club is more accommodating, as provided for in the legal provisions.

What this means financially for the club?

ZSC: Should there be a "Ghost-Playoff" or would be the season of decision, would be the economic impact for the Clubs in the millions. For the ZSC Lions of the additional revenue for a Playoff be game of between 200’000 and 300’000 Swiss francs. And the Clubs in accordance with the ZSC CEO Peter Zahner are not insured for this exceptional failure.

Kloten , According to CEO Signer still needs to be clarified whether the lack of revenue of an insurance cover. Only then – and if you know whether the Federal government pays a compensation can be estimated how big the damage actually is.

FCZ and GC: at The Moment the game shifts no financial impact. To major failures could lead to games without spectators. How to you quantify the FCZ. Of GC, a response is still pending.

Where are the games to watch?

ZSC: The broadcasting rights of the National League belong to Mysports. Obtrotz of the state of emergency, some of the games on Free TV are shown, is unclear.

Kloten In the Swiss League takes the EHC everything Kloten, so that his Fans can watch the quarter-final match of Friday against the GCK Lions in spite of a closed Arena, and without planned Mysports broadcast: The game will be live on Kloten channels on Youtube and Facebook.

GC: Since the SFL meeting takes place on Monday, is still much unclear. The TV rights of the two highest leagues in tele-club, in the Challenge League per round but only one game on Friday for free on the "tele-club Zoom".

FCZ: In the Super League are up on a Sunday game, which can be seen on SRF two, all the games are behind the paywall of the tele club. Whether this remains the case, is also open.


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