The scandal of the Bayern Fans and the consequences of

The game Hoffenheim against Bayern Munich, something happened, what will probably go down in sports history. Over an hour of the Bayern shone sporty in Sinsheim

The scandal of the Bayern Fans and the consequences of

The game Hoffenheim against Bayern Munich, something happened, what will probably go down in sports history. Over an hour of the Bayern shone sporty in Sinsheim – then the extremely clear 6:0 (4:0) was the next thing. What had happened? How did players and Managers? And why have a lot of football Fans with a bad aftertaste at All?

The scandal, and the sign

In the 2. Half it came to a head. From the Stand of Bavaria, a Banner was unfurled on the Hoffenheim patron Dietmar Hopp as a "son of a bitch" was referred to. Referee Christian Dingert the game broke for the first Time. Ten minutes later, the next Banner was unveiled. Dingert whistled again, sent the two Teams into the cabin. After almost a 20-minute break, the Teams returned to the turf. But really soccer was not played. Pointedly, the player pushed the Ball back and forth.

Dietmar Hopp in addition to Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (l.). (Photo: Keystone)

The reactions

of Bavaria, Chairman of the Board Karl-Heinz Rummenigge called the operations "a black day for football". He said: "The enemies of football. They always say, it is our club. No, it is not your club. We do not want to deal with these people in our FC Bayern nothing." He would take action against the individual Fans. DFL Boss Christian Seifert said: "The permanent hostility against Dietmar Hopp have long been unacceptable and to condemn in the strongest possible terms. We have witnessed today, a sad climax." Also, several Bayern players were in the social media.

protests were planned for Union's game just before the crash.

On Saturday evening, the Bayern curve, reported to word. In a long statement, they defended their action. Your main argument is: Hard words like "son of a bitch" were in the football stadium there. Only if you fall against Dietmar Hopp, will lead to consequences. The Declaration ends with the words: "football remains dirty Fans remain rebellious Against collective Fuck you DFB, met!". In short: The curve, wanted to protest against the reintroduced DFB collective punishment against the Fans of Borussia Dortmund, which had been demonstrated on the basis of insults against Hopp with an away spell.

And did not want to Bayern, only the curve. So there was also invective against Hopp in the game between Borussia Dortmund and SC Freiburg (1:0), as well as the game of the 1. FC Cologne against Schalke 04. The Sunday game Union Berlin against VfL Wolfsburg, even shortly before the crash: several offensive fan posters against Dietmar Hopp were in the Berlin Fans during the first half to see again. The referee of the match, broke twice, the stadium announcer reminded the audience that in the Three-stage Plan level two had been reached and that further insults would be a crash to follow. In the second half, the action calmed down a little, and the game could be played to the end (2:2).

Also, the game Union Berlin against Wolfsburg and had to be interrupted. (Video: BT sport via Twitter)

The bland flavor

Who was in the last decades in German football League stadiums to host, has heard such insults against Clubs and individuals, already a hundred times. In the case of racism in the ranks of the DFB recommended on the day prior to the uproar via Social Media that you look at the Malefactors, a "We want football!" counter should put. Never a game because of racist incidents has been cancelled almost, not even when racism scandal to Herthas Torunarigha a few weeks ago. It is the impression that there is misconduct on the victims first and second class. Leipzig's Timo Werner is almost reviled everywhere as a "son of a bitch", referee Bibiana Steinhaus as a "whore", even the Hoffenheim Fans insulted opponent, such as the SC Freiburg as a "pussy Freiburg". It is the impression that the are in need of the protection, for example, to be the target of racist or homophobic insults, the DFL is not of interest, billionaires already.

The notice

Rummenigge admitted after the game that they had been warned of SLOs from the action. Also Flick confirmed the. The notice of the Fans is also the reason why the curve filmed had been. So Bayern, so Rummenigge, those who had shown the banners, Juris could drag the table to account. The only way to show a clear edge. And literally: "It is a minority, which is quite clear in the pillory."

The consequences

With the transgressions of the Bayern Fans will deal with the DFB-sport-court, also at the Games in Dortmund and Cologne, there were interruptions due to abusive chants and hate-posters against Hopp in the short term. On the club a penalty therefore. Much more exciting, however, should be the question of how certain groups of supporters, who had announced such an action against Hopp and Collective punishments in advance, in the coming weeks on the novelty of Saturday will react. The German football Association and German football League in the next lengthy conflict with some Fans in the house.

what comes next? (Photo: Keystone)

The background

chop the target of harsh criticism from a wide variety of fishing for years groups. The 79-year-old billionaire and co-founder of the SAP group has made from the hope station, the village Association with his private assets to a Bundesliga and European Cup participants. For the hard core of some groups of supporters, he is therefore regarded as a Symbol of the commercialization, like the Red Bull Club, RB Leipzig. Without Hopp's money it would not give the professional club TSG Hoffenheim.

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