What you need to know parents now

you can't believe it. Three Lausanne high school Student are at a loss in front of their school house La Cité. "The school remains due to the Corona epidemic

What you need to know parents now

you can't believe it. Three Lausanne high school Student are at a loss in front of their school house La Cité. "The school remains due to the Corona epidemic closed", did the teacher just stated. Until then, there is distance education. No one had cheered the students tell.The admonition of the teacher's sound dramatically: "don't stay home, not meet you, go outside." What to do now, what to do in the coming weeks, the behavior of the young women don't know it. Only this: On Monday will be reported to the teacher by E-Mail with homework.

Many medical professionals had already demanded in the last days of the closure of the schools. Rejected by the Federal Council this step originally took place on Friday, a u-turn: Up on 4. April all on-campus events at schools, colleges and other training establishments prohibited, announced health Minister Alain Berset (SP) in the afternoon in front of the media.The change in strategy, he explained with the new insights: Because the number of cases of infection in Europe continues to increase rapidly, has increased the European centre for the prevention and control of diseases, the risk level and school closures recommended. "We learn more and more every day," says Berset.

The umbrella Association of Swiss teachers ' nationwide for "logical". In the lower school levels, it was impossible, the required distance to be observed, says President Dagmar Rösler.

Who cares for the children?

The question now is, what happens to the children in need of care and whose parents can't make a home office. In the center health staff, but also, for example, employees in the retail trade, or persons in the public service as policeman or train driver stands. Public transport is the Basis of a functioning economy and an important part of the society, said the Federal Council. He leaves it to the cantons whether they want to close in addition to the schools, the kindergartens, and whether you make your own care services on the legs. In any case, it is important to prevent the children to be cared for by their grandparents, who are vulnerable because of their age, particularly by the Coronavirus.

How different the Education respond to this Situation shows a demand in the case of several cantons.Such as Basel-city and Valais, close to all nursery, day Nurseries and play groups. Instead of these institutions, Basel built a new support system. Government spokesman Marco Greiner says the offer applies only to parents who are dependent on the care of their children compulsory.

In the Canton of Zurich, the day-care centres remain open, such as André Woodtli says, chief of the office for youth and vocational guidance. The care facilities receive a strong recommendation that additional Standards: parents should not enter the nursery rooms, the number of children per room should be as small as possible and the groups homogeneous, i.e., every day the same, not in changing constellations. A lot of time Outdoors, it is recommended.Also in Vaud and in Berne, the out-of-home care facilities remain open. A closure of the nurseries at a later date is not, however, excluded in both cantons.National councillor Catherine Prelicz-Huber (Green) criticised that the Federal Council made at the day-care centres, there is no clear requirements, but this is a task of the cantons have delegated. "It must be ensured that all children are cared for." This security does not give but now.

day care centers want to supply contribution

The kindergarten Association Kibesuisse on Friday evening, the phone hot. "A lot of nursery lines to call and want to know what is true now," says spokesperson Prisca Mattanza. You stand with the FOPH and the cantonal authorities are in contact. "As long as the cantons, nothing is prescribed, we would like to ensure that the day-care centres remain open." To make a contribution in order to avoid the mixing of the generations. "Also, it is for the company essential that some parents – particularly those in the health sector – can allow your child to continue to serve." Care persons belonging to risk groups, would have to be free, stressed Mattanza.

the Federal Council includes the protection of the population, a high value attaches to, and the schools, welcomes the parents lobby in Switzerland. However, says President Fredi Jaberg, avenge it now, that in Switzerland, alternative models to the primary school, as Homeschooling is always pushed to the edge had been. "Now it is all the more difficult, the children and young people to teach." It is now required a lot of commitment and creativity, said Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga to take care of the question. They appealed to the solidarity of the population and suggested that some neighbors or students to engage in childcare. If the call has not remained unheard: help the young people of the climate strike movement want to make, for example. You launched an App on the Volunteers and help seekers will be able to register. A spokeswoman revealed yesterday, confident that in this way thousands of volunteers to mobilize.

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