Ski resorts refuse to the Federal Council

The Federal Council determines the public life is completely lame. But he wants to reduce access restrictions, the risk of Infection. The rules apply immediatel

Ski resorts refuse to the Federal Council

The Federal Council determines the public life is completely lame. But he wants to reduce access restrictions, the risk of Infection. The rules apply immediately and for the time being until the end of April.

In Restaurants, Bars, Nightclubs, and music clubs may stay only a maximum of 50 people, including staff. In addition, the Local need to comply with the recommendations of the Federal government to Hygiene and social distance. Further measures will be required for the exclusion of persons who are sick or feeling ill. Also, the protection of vulnerable persons must be ensured.

No fixed table spacing

to implement As the operators of these specifications, specifically, is open. So there is no explicit rule on how far the tables in the Restaurant away from each other need to be. The common recommendation is that people should hold to avoid a contagion 2 meters distance. The Federal Council relies on the personal responsibility of the operator and the supervision of the cantons. In a Bar with 50 people is still a crush. And in the Club, the social distance is likely to be difficult.

The Federal Council made clear, however, that the restrictions can always be further tightened. Local operators who do not abide by the guidelines, acted illegally, said Alain Berset. In the Vaud security Director Béatrice Métraux threatened with infringement, with the withdrawal of the host patent. The industry Association Gastrosuisse referred to the measures as "extremely severe". The industry has already massive revenue losses. The next few weeks to decide on the existence of many companies.

For events, leisure and sports facilities, is a limit of 100 people, including staff. These rules apply to swimming pools, fitness center, Spa facilities, museums, cinemas, concert halls, theatres and other cultural events. The extent to which museums and leisure facilities to maintain their operations remains to be seen. The cinemas want to continue to remain open. According to the industry Association Pro Cinema to be sold to a maximum of 99 Tickets per screening.

skiing Is an event?

According to the Federal councillor Berset, the access restriction is forcing ski resorts to the end of the season. He justified this by saying that usually more than 100 people were staying in a ski resort. In the Canton of Grisons, the ski areas of its operation. This is done on the orders of the cantonal government, which is responding primarily to the strong increase of the Infected in the neighboring Canton of Ticino.

However, ski resorts in other cantons refuse to part. For example, the Jungfrau Railways point out that ski resorts were not included in the regulation. The Jungfrau ski region was, therefore, open. The Restaurants would, however, comply with the requirements of the Federal government. Also the ski area of Gstaad informs that the operation, until further notice, with limited catering operation further.

Similarly, the person in charge of the ski area Engelberg-Titlis have decided the end of October until Easter, unchanged to maintain. Skiing is not an event, and the distance rule will be adhered to on the slopes, says Chairman of the Board and the FDP Council of States, Hans Wicki. However, the operation in the Restaurants, and large cabins will be limited in accordance with the specifications. Also after Easter, the ski resort of Engelberg to stay-Titlis partially open to allow Swiss-Ski and the Skimittelschule training. In the Vaud ski resorts remain open. The government justifies this by the fact that there is in the Canton of Vaud is only a gondola.

worship only on Youtube

The Catholic Church in the West of Switzerland, on the other hand has all public services is forbidden from now until the end of April. The fairs in the diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg will be closed to the Public. For the faithful the daily mass will be transferred to 7 o'clock on the Youtube channel of the diocese directly. "It is in fact our responsibility, to promote a potentially deadly infection," said the diocese. The common prayer is important, but it is not a duty "to cause the death of others, and to obey the authorities of our state."

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