The trade unions 10 billion is too little

The Swiss economy struggles with the effects of Corona. On Friday, the Federal Council has decided how he wants to help her. Basically, he relies on well-known

The trade unions 10 billion is too little

The Swiss economy struggles with the effects of Corona. On Friday, the Federal Council has decided how he wants to help her. Basically, he relies on well-known instruments, it is expanding significantly. Economy Minister, Guy Parmelin also announced a task force for the economic consequences associated with the Virus, the social partners and the national Bank participate. You will monitor the economic development in the next few days further measures design, and the Bundesrat will propose. "The ultimate goal is that the wage is guaranteed payment," said Parmelin.

these are the decisions of the Federal Council, in particular:

1. Eight billion for short-time work

In the Fund for short-time work eight billion Swiss francs for short-time work are immediately available. The deadline by which companies can apply for work, he has shortened to a day. "The short-time work to non-bureaucratic granted," said Federal Council Parmelin. The state Secretariat for the economy will also examine how the short-time work may be extended to Temporary workers, and interns. This requires, however, a change in the law.

2. A billion for emergency aid

For particularly by the Virus, the company concerned, the Federal Council checks direct financial assistance of up to one billion Swiss francs. According to which criteria these companies will be selected on Friday is not clear. The Department of Finance will be the arrangements until 1. April work out and the money ready to make.

3. 580 million Swiss francs in Bank loans

The Federal Council wants to guarantee Bank loans of companies. In order for companies to get extra money to pay wages. These loans must eventually be paid back.

trade unions call for investment

"We will not leave you in the lurch," said Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga at the address of the entrepreneur. "We help quickly and unbureaucratically." For the Swiss Union Federal (SGB) the measures in the case of short-time working in the right direction, but still far enough. The SGB requests that the Federal Council submits to the school closure in many of the cantons on Monday measures, such as the wages can be guaranteed.

"The drastic measures of the Federal Council, to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, while understandable, however, if the wages are not guaranteed, threatens to make a severe recession, with drastic consequences for the acquisition," warns the chief economist Daniel Lampart. The trade Union Confederation is of the opinion that the employers are obliged to wage continuation payments, even if the operation would be discontinued or the employee will be placed in quarantine. The unions renewed on Friday their call for economic stimulus programs, however, exclusively for the domestic economy, not for the export industry. According to the SGB, measures to strengthen the purchasing power and investment programmes.

Fredy Greuter, spokesperson of the employers ' Association, welcomes the measures taken by the Federal Council. "It is important that the Federal government will help quickly, but ensure that the aid actually makes a difference." The employers ' Association has therefore supported the request to authorise the short-time work more quickly. Also, the emergency assistance for particularly affected sectors and companies, and the Expansion of the guarantees provided by Greuter finds the right one. "This brings the much-needed liquidity." Economic stimulus programs, as you require the trade unions to reject the employer, however. "This will bring in the short term and in the long term, you put in the wrong place and distort competition," said Greuter. In relation to the school closures Greuter recommends the directly affected working parents to discuss the Situation with your employer and seek an individual solution. At most, the employer has also adopted a General statement, what the consequences of a school closure is regulated for its employees. The employer must grant their employees the possibility to childcare, if they can in the short term organise Care facilities.

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