Varney: Trudeau’s war against Canadian truckers is costing him dearly

Trudeau describes Canadian truckers in Canada as "radicals" as protests continue

Varney: Trudeau’s war against Canadian truckers is costing him dearly

"My Take" Thursday host Stuart Varney of " Varney & Co." attacked Justin Trudeau , the Canadian PM, for his "war” with truckers. He claimed he's 'losing debate and political support as he continues painting his 'own government using the authoritarian brush.

STUART VARNEY - Justin Trudeau is at war with truckers. He is losing the debate and losing political support.

Canada's Parliament in a commotion Trudeau had already charged the truckers with racism, violence, and spreading misinformation. Then, when questioned by a Jewish member in parliament, Trudeau accused the opposition party "standing with people who waved swastikas."

One MP responded: "I've never seen such shameful, dishonorable remarks from this prime minister."

Condemning your opponents of being in league with Nazis is an act of desperation.

Trudeau is by no means 'finished' in political terms. He is under intense attack.

Half of Canadian voters thought he was not capable of the job before he made his inflamatory statement about swastikas. Only a few, 16% of Canadians approve of his handling the trucker protest.

Some truckers are apparently bowing to the pressure to leave the Ottawa protest this morning: They cannot afford to have their bank accounts frozen or insurance cancelled.

Trudeau might get a win on ground, but he has painted the government of Canada with an authoritarian brush. Bad politics.

Similar here. Democrat autoritarians are firing people because they're unvaxxed. Bad politics. We get to vote in less that 9 months.