Weather in Munich: the Next deep-impact-forecast - summer-Feeling disappears quickly | Munich

the duration of the rain in Munich: the feeling of Summer is in June, so far, only rarely. The weather Ticker for the state capital. The Isar leads already to

Weather in Munich: the Next deep-impact-forecast - summer-Feeling disappears quickly | Munich

the duration of the rain in Munich: the feeling of Summer is in June, so far, only rarely. The weather Ticker for the state capital.

The Isar leads already to high water levels and the weather Outlook for Munich, promised little Good - initially. For the last week of June summer forecast temperatures. Many more exciting stories from Munich in our App.

Update 17. June, 7.02 PM: Is‘s today what is a short sunbathing at the river Isar velvet flood Spotting? The Portal weather forecast for Munich in a friendly this afternoon, the temperature to increase to up to 21 degrees. It will probably in a short summer touch.

starting at 18 o'clock, it is supposed to pour in the city again - and then the entire night go so on. Improvement, according to the portal first, again on Friday in sight. Thursday will be gray and rainy for Munich, only a single sun is said an hour before.

weather in Munich: Torrential Isar lives up to its name

17.33 at: After a rainy week the Isar river lives up to its name: the Ravenous ! Even if the brown floods of the noise currently, the threat quickly through the city: risk, according to the Munich fire brigade yet.

so Far they have due to the mass of water no bets had. And the location is to relax: The flood news service of Bavaria, reports that the level will decrease again to.

On Tuesday, the Isar grew quickly to 230 centimeters in height – and struck the first official flood warning level over, which begins in Munich at 2.40 meters. In the afternoon, but were recorded less water masses. For comparison: the high water in the past year, Isar is still nearly a Meter. At that time swelled the river to a level of 357 centimeters , and flooded some of the basement.

all The more worth a trip to the Isar: The power of nature can be observed now in a particularly impressive way. On the bridge of the Marian Hermitage, for example, you can feel the rip-tides, under almost. If it has to be something Central, may be worth a walk across the Weir bridge to the cable bridge.

The spectacle is not over, but The coming days are expected to continue to be rainy . So there is, according to the weather service on Wednesday some sun, heavy rain to be expected to the end of the week . Background according to the DWD, a depression over the English channel, the currently cool air of the Atlantic on Bayern warmer air from the South collide with.

weather forecast for Munich's surprise - Isar-level controls on proud value

12.41 PM: A group of friends from dare to close Glonn your eyes should not be. A huge cloud vortex opened on the weekend in front of you. A Rosenheimer filmed. A Tornado ? Experts from close to nothing.

11.24 PM: soon could be the first alarm level be achieved. For the intra-urban Isar the reports floods news service Bayern at 11.15 at a level of 2.30 meters. The reporting level of 1 would be reached at 240 centimeters. On Monday afternoon, a water level of 1.80 meters was observed.

+ the graph shows The evolution of the water level of the Isar river in Munich, Germany.©Flood intelligence Bavaria

In the course of Tuesday, is likely to increase the value further. For afternoon and evening portion of rainfall are announced.

weather forecast for Munich is likely to currently plenty of amazement to worry

Update 16. June, 6.20 PM: The views of the weather report is initially unpleasant. In Munich it's going to rain today, Tuesday, more, particularly extensively in the morning. On Wednesday the Portal weather forecast online at least slight improvement. The Thermometer will climb to 22 degrees, even seven hours of sunshine have been announced.

much friendlier to the Eight-days- prognosis of the portal sounds. At the latest, next Monday (22. June) to return in the summer, in the free state. In the course of the last week of June should then load temperatures of up to 30 degrees to the sun. According to weather online the Trend continues until well into July. Many people in Munich are expected to formulate to hope that the optimistic come to pass - the view from the window currently, but still in doubt.

Official weather warning for Munich: continuous rain over the state capital - summer first

initial meld of 15. June:

Munich - real summer feelings on the current weather in Munich really. It is felt by rains since the beginning of may. Only two days, Friday and Saturday (12. and 13. June), made for relaxation and a short summer touch in the state capital.

Maybe the uncomfortable weather was also a reason why a lot of Munich forgot the Corona-distance rules, suddenly, completely.

Once-a-summer-sun-sniff, no matter how tight it is, will have many of Munich's well thought of. And, at least in terms of the weather prospects, have you not thought of as so wrong.

Official weather warning for Munich: continuous rain with up to 50 litres per square metre

Because the summer Feeling was in the Munich weather of short duration. Currently an official weather warning of rain for the provincial capital, is even.

The DWD warns to Tuesday (16. June, 6 PM) before the precipitation amounts of up to 50 litres per square metre in addition to the approximately 25 litres per square metre, which are already fallen.

consequences of high water events on the Isar river and other rivers and streams. Roads and basements may be flooded. In 2017, the from saw on the Isar like this:

as bad As it is but thanks be to God yet. Currently, Isar is roughly 60 inches from the first high-water alarm level.

Munich-weather is still lousy: rain, rain, rain on Thursday and again mild

debt to a Deep on the channel , the cool Atlantic air on moderately warm sea air over the middle of Bavaria. And it stays that way first.

Only the Thermometer rises at least a little bit. After a rather late autumn, the maximum values on Sunday and on Monday from around 15 degrees it goes Wednesday and Thursday at least hesitant upward.

Nonetheless, - sun-spots must not expect in Munich, at the earliest, on Thursday afternoon. Then, however, a slow return of the summer signs.

weather in Munich: rain evokes memories of a hail storm in 2019 awake

as bad as 2019 s will not be‘hopefully. We remember: exactly one year Ago, a huge thunderstorm over Munich and the surrounding area moved in. It rained, it stormed, it devastated. Here are some pictures from then:

Mega hail in Munich: pictures from the storm

Date Of Update: 17 June 2020, 01:34