The courtiers of Trump take the post of the general

“Believe me, I know more about the ISIS that the general”. Phrases such as this, which dropped Donald Trump during the election campaign in November of 2015, st

The courtiers of Trump take the post of the general

“Believe me, I know more about the ISIS that the general”. Phrases such as this, which dropped Donald Trump during the election campaign in November of 2015, still taking on a new meaning as more progress is made in his presidency. “Must not know much, because they are not winning,” he insisted in June 2016. When the americans put on him by surprise on the front of the White House, Trump decided to surround yourself with uniforms. Three years later, in his first action of the war, there is no military recognizable behind the decision to kill the general iranian Qasem Soleimani.

In his first design of Government had three generals. James Mattis took over the portfolio of Defence, and John Kelly, of the of Internal Security, to the satisfaction of the military leadership. With them, Trump was looking for a legitimacy that the entire establishment of national security had denied him as a candidate. Michael Flynn was appointed as a director of National Security, that is to say, the person who speaks of these issues in the Oval Office and the filter through which you must pass to get to the president. Flynn was a case apart, since it was a general turned in turned lobbyist who was involved in the world of the conspiracies that came out Trump.


Editorial | No to the war Trump renunciation of a military escalation with Iran and announces more sanctions on Iran responds to the united States with a missile attack two bases in Iraq

The first to fall was Flynn, but not because of differences with the president. The White House got rid of general when its contacts with Russia began to be toxic for the defense of Trump in the investigation of the plot which attacked with disinformation the election campaign of 2016. Flynn was replaced by another general, H. R. McMaster.

During these three years, those generals and the diplomatic corps have had to do to defend actions as an insult to Mexico, and threatening to send troops, the use of the atomic bomb on North Korea after mounting a summit bilateral with the dictator of north korea, withdrawing from the Paris Agreement or to say that NATO does not serve for nothing. “Please, ignore the president” seems to be the motto of the u.s. diplomacy in the last three years. Have all ended he went to the cross any red line.

McMaster was in march of 2018 for their differences with the president, and was replaced by John Bolton, former UN ambassador and a true falcon of president George W. Bush. But the disorder of Trump was too much for Bolton, who ended up leaving the Government in September for its disagreement on the approach to North Korea and pressure from Trump to Ukraine. Today, the National Security advisor is the discrete Robert C. O'brien, who has served in the positions of the second level in the last three Administrations.

The fall of Mattis was in September 2018 in the wake of the announcement of Trump that thought to withdraw the troops from Syria. The output of one of the generals most respected of the US was ugly in the forms: Trump was quick to fire you because Mattis had sent a public letter where he questioned very politely. Kelly was converted into chief of staff of the White House to the little opening of the Government. Lasted six months and was replaced by Mick Mulvaney, someone who since then seems to put limits to the action of the president.

In the middle of the first military aggression to other country by order of Trump, the only voices recognizable around are the of the secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and the official Mark Esper, named in July the secretary of Defense. Pompeo took over the portfolio after the departure of Rex Tillerson, who could not bear the erratic policies of the president. Up until then, had headed the CIA. Pompeo is a an ex military man transformed into a republican congressman who stands out for his anger towards Iran and have been among the voices most radical Congress in foreign policy. Seems to connect very well with Trump.

For its part, Esper took over the Pentagon after seven months as interim following the departure of Mattis. Esper was appointed previously chief of the Army. Came from being a lobbyist for Defense contractors. In its first crisis, have been enough hours for that Esper has already been seen in the need to correct the president, when has been clarified that the US is not going to attack the archaeological heritage of Iran because it goes against the international laws.

at The time that the generals have been replaced by friends and officials loyal to the president who campaigned on a pledge to end the “endless wars” and bring the troops back home just to open a new front and weighs sending more troops to the area.

Until now, the military action of Trump on the outside had been limited to the conflict legacy, that is to say, Iraq and Afghanistan. The selective killing of general Qasem Soleimani, the number two de facto of the Islamic Republic, it is the first front of war that opens Trump by himself, and that has led to a profound disaffection against the united States in Iraq. So much so, that its Parliament passed on Sunday a petition for the U.S. to take its troops out of the country. It was then when Trump threatened Baghdad with sanctions if it proceeded to the expulsion. Hours later, the iraqi Government received a letter from the chief of the international coalition, announcing that it would initiate the reduction of the military presence in that country. Asked the White House, said that the letter had been sent by mistake.

Date Of Update: 10 January 2020, 03:00