The loneliness of the mayor's most important Citizens

Granada is the most important city ruled by Citizens. Should be an emblem for the party, a place of must visit for its national leaders or autonomic; a beautifu

The loneliness of the mayor's most important Citizens

Granada is the most important city ruled by Citizens. Should be an emblem for the party, a place of must visit for its national leaders or autonomic; a beautiful city to take pictures and look Government. But neither the city Council nor its mayor, Luis Salvador, they have to make room in their agendas to get people in the party. In the end, this does not seem particularly interested, neither in the ruler nor in the destination of granada under his direction. Salvador, six years after its entry into Citizens, not accommodated in the training. Isolated from some months ago, her loneliness has increased as a result of the internal struggles of the families of the party in Andalusia, fanned after the abandonment of their leader, Albert Rivera. Their closeness, that is now history, the former secretary of Organization, Fran Hervías, and his estrangement from the regional leader, John Marin, have become a drag on their ambitions within the formation.

The loneliness of Luis Salvador is concentric: it is given in the town Hall, in the area andalusian and national level. “Just a few local faithful, a half as much”, say sources the party consulted in Granada. These same sources claim that already barely has support in the management bodies orange. “It is isolated organically”, they say, “and the mayor's office is what keeps him with political life.” Luis Salvador, however, has told this newspaper that he feels supported. “In fact, I am the representative of the party in the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces. The party has elected me to that position”, he argues.

Salvador became Citizens in 2013 after leaving the PSOE. As a socialist he was a senator and tried to be provincial president. Not got it and it was to Citizens, keeping friends just in the PSOE. Has always been ambitious politically. His appearances in the television programs of the chains of rights to put him in the crosshairs of Albert Rivera, who joined. Years later, from Madrid recognize that that admiration was back a long time ago. In fact, they say, the Savior has a few phones that dial in search of affection. Just the of José Manuel Villegas, secretary-general. “And because your mission is to keep the party calm,” he added. For years, they add, that he lost the favor of Rivera. Savior explains that his relationship with Arrimadas “is very good”. “And, besides, she is my candidate,” he adds. In the madrid headquarters explained that Salvador was as an advocate Fran Hervías, responsible for the expansion of municipal services to Citizens and sources of granada. Now, has anyone that has spoken with Hervías, this acknowledges his disappointment with Salvador. Hervías led the list to Congress by Granada in the last general —not got a seat— and, going back to the photos as a thermometer, it is almost impossible to find one of them together in the last campaign.


Albert Rivera leaves the policy Arrimadas has the support of all sectors to lead Citizens

In the area of andalusia, the relationship between the Saviour and the leader of the party in Andalucia, Juan Marín, has achieved the necessary balance between the two institutional positions are relevant. What was an “enmity manifested”, as defined in your environment in Granada, has been neutered thanks to the position that you both occupy. “I have a fantastic relationship with him. Come to Granada and Marin is what I need and in line with me. We had problems, but that is already forgotten,” notes Salvador. The environment of Marin account, for its part, carried “well, as it corresponds to the two positions that they held, but personally distant.”

In the City of granada, Citizens have the mayor's office with four of the 27 councillors that sum the corporation. The seven votes of the PP and the three of Vox helped him to be mayor, after a negotiation very stormy in Granada. The result of the struggle is that Sebastian Perez, deputy mayor, and Savior hardly speak. The four councillors of Citizens nor are they a pineapple. Without just contact with numbers two and three, Salvador itself has a treatment fluid with José Antonio Huerta, his fourth city council member.

Date Of Update: 10 January 2020, 07:00