Presidential election in Côte d'ivoire : the candidacy of Gbagbo filed - The Point

In Côte d'ivoire, on Monday, August 31, marks the last day for filing nomination for the presidential election of next October. Gathered in several processions

Presidential election in Côte d'ivoire : the candidacy of Gbagbo filed - The Point

In Côte d'ivoire, on Monday, August 31, marks the last day for filing nomination for the presidential election of next October. Gathered in several processions, the followers of ex-president Laurent Gbagbo, still in Belgium, went very early in the morning to file his nomination for the independent electoral Commission (IEC) led by Georges Armand Ouégnin, president of the platform of EDS (All for democracy and sovereignty).

" We just drop the folder of our referral policy, the president, Laurent Gbagbo, the father of democracy in Côte d'ivoire and we demand to be our presidential candidate ", he said to his exit from the CIS. Strong symbol of this moment : he was accompanied by Michel Gbagbo, the son of the former president. "The IEC asked 48 000 sponsorships, Gbagbo has received 74 000, it has also deposited the security deposit of 50 000 000 FCFA, it was also the will of the ivorian people to wear the then-president Laurent Gbagbo at the head of State of Ivory Coast on the evening of October 30, 2020 ", does it display.

The IRC has received the nominations of the three main protagonists of the post-electoral crisis of 2010-2011 : Ouattara, Bédié and Gbagbo. The three men were candidates for the 1st round of 2010. The crisis had 3,000 people after Gbagbo's refusal to recognize his election defeat in the face of Ouattara in the 2nd round.

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Gbagbo, candidate and against all odds

Laurent Gbagbo, who has never before spoken publicly about his candidacy, is still on parole in Belgium pending a possible appeal case before the international criminal Court, who had acquitted him at first instance of the charges of crimes against humanity.

He has the right to travel on the condition that the host country accepts its presence, but it does not have a passport.

Another thorn in the side of supporters of Gbagbo, their champion has been removed from the voter lists because of his conviction in January 2018 to 20 years in prison by the ivorian justice for the attack on the central Bank of States of West Africa (BCEAO) during the crisis of 2010-2011.

Georges Armand Ouégnin attributed the cancellation to "maneuvers juridico-political" while judicial sources believe that the bid has little chance of being validated. "The constitutional Council will have the heavy responsibility to the people of côte d'ivoire and the History of rule on the validity of the cancellation" and rule on the eligibility of Laurent Gbagbo, concluded Mr. Ouégnin, who has also called for "the release of all political prisoners" and the " return of political exiles led by Laurent Gbagbo."

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The countdown has started

another heavy weight of the policy is in a situation similar to that of Gbagbo : Guillaume Soro, the candidate said, but in exile in France, is under the sentence of 20 years in prison for " concealment of misappropriation of public funds ".

His supporters of Generations and peoples solidarity (GPS) had to file his nomination in the afternoon. "I am a candidate in the presidential election. 1 political act : filing of my application. It's no secret that the IEC and the constitutional Council are appendages of power, " he wrote Monday on Twitter, thus indicating that there was little illusions about the validation of his record.

candidates have until Monday midnight to file their records and must not necessarily be physically present.

The IRC hosted a Monday, an incessant ballet of candidates filing their records. A half-dozen have waited until the last day for the administrative process. The IEC expects to receive 36 records in total, including some wacky, according to its secretariat, says the AFP. The constitutional Council then has until 16 September to give the list of applications validated. Source close to the CIS, less than a dozen should be validated.

Ten years after the post-electoral crisis, the fear of violence to the approach of the election on 31 October, is strong. The announcement that president Ouattara briguerait a third term led to protests that escalated into violence that claimed a dozen people dead in August.

The Constitution of 2016, limit of two presidential mandates. The supporters of the head of State outgoing claim that the change in the Constitution has given the meter of the warrants to zero, its opponents consider it to be unconstitutional for a third nomination.

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