Montpellier : the new left-wing majority sactive against insecurity - The Point

" I have the impression to speak of it at this time. The situation is very deteriorated. "Since he took over the city hall of Montpellier with its allies, env

Montpellier : the new left-wing majority sactive against insecurity - The Point

" I have the impression to speak of it at this time. The situation is very deteriorated. "Since he took over the city hall of Montpellier with its allies, environmentalists, Michaël Delafosse mobilised against the insecurity in the seventh city of France. The theme was already pervasive during the election campaign among most of the candidates. The summer season has also highlighted a growing concern among the population. Sensitive management of unaccompanied minors, violent assault against a gay couple because he refused to hand over a cigarette, rampage of a school in a popular neighbourhood, brawl with weapon at the water sports centre of Neptune, the legionaries on leave stabbed so they were wearing the aid of a group of young women... Many facts have excited the inhabitants.

On this first part of the year, police have noted a decrease in burglaries – probably the consequence of the confinement – but the significant increase of flights in the snatch. Violence within the family have also increased dramatically. The night of a Saturday in July, the 17 has been called more than 600 times. This weekend, the police officials have been completely overwhelmed.

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" there is a concern about the rise of crime and violence, evidenced by Yann Bastière for the union Unit SGP Police FO 34. However, there is a glaring lack of workforce on the way to the public and the investigation services. The citizens suffer. "According to the staff representative," the colleagues are overwhelmed with case files, the investigators are asphyxiated. There is a real load of work and mental. "In the Hérault, only four police officers are dedicated to domestic violence, and the brigade of morals blends in with other services. The rate of unsolved cases would be one of the highest in France.

" When there is a deficiency of safe, there is a reaction. If all the markers disappear, what will be the response of the people ? " asks Yann Bastière. The trade union organization, the majority in the department, claiming support from the State, as has recently obtained the cities of Lille, Nice and Toulon. It requires the arrival of thirty additional officers and has sought an interview with the new mayor of Montpellier and president of the métropole.

Delafosse writes to Darmanin

Followed by eight members of parliament, Michaël Delafosse wrote to the minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, to ask for more resources. In its letter dated 21 August, the socialist judge the members of the national police " clearly insufficient in view of population growth is unprecedented and has no equivalent ".

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In parallel, the mayor promises a police transport associated with the project of free bus and tram to the residents of the metropolis. It also commits to the creation of a brigade of social housing. A mobile PC of the municipal police has been redeployed on the place de la Comédie, which welcomes the public for up to 23 hours. Other actions followed : promotion of the actions of the municipal police on the social networks, stopped against the sale of nitrous oxide, and the implementation of a brigade dedicated to the safety of cycle paths, intervention on the market in wild Mosson, operation against hawkers on the cours Gambetta... Michaël Delafosse has even recruited a consultant, delegate to the security issues, François Villette, politically located to the right. "I do not do at the same time, but I'm going to get the skills ", argues the elected. For him, " it is necessary to finish with the speech It's not me, it is the State. "

"anti-Ménard" ?

Michaël Delafosse does not wish to increase the size of the municipal police. "It is especially necessary to review the management of these agents, and to articulate their missions with those of the national police to a better relationship. "He wants to embody" the anti-Ménard ", in opposition to the mayor neighbor of Béziers close to the far right. "The Montpellier should have a font known to all and affordable by all. I want to offer a contract to local health on the drug, for the good of the neighborhoods, because the residents do not have to be exposed to these ravages. Some parents must also take their responsibilities, " he comments. The mayor is active for close coordination with the prefecture, the public prosecutor of the Republic, the departmental directorate of public Safety and the county council on the issue of unaccompanied minors. "We need to do block," he insists.

"Michaël Delafosse does not innovate"

"That makes forty years that I'm in Montpellier, and I hear talk of insecurity, except that today it is a reality," says François Delacroix, the former director of cabinet and director-general of the services of Georges Frêche. But according to this " critical observer ", " Michaël Delafosse does not innovate : it is like its predecessors. Georges Frêche was petitions on the place de la Comédie to get more police officers with Charles Pasqua. He had even bought american cars equipped with sirens to show that the council was committed against insecurity ". In 2014, Philippe Saurel had begun his mandate by strengthening the surveillance, requiring the arrival of new officials of the national police, and recruiting additional agents for the city.

The model Bernard Cazeneuve

" Some newly-elected members, as attached to social issues, should not expect that the first weeks of the mandate delivered by the closing bars shisha. It should be funny, " quips an elected socialist. But Michaël Delafosse assumes perfect positioning.

for a Long time close to Benoît Hamon, activist on the left wing of his party, the mayor of Montpellier boasts regularly Bernard Cazeneuve. "I agree with the former Prime minister : there is no public policy successful without the security. "According to the municipal official," it is important to repeat that rule. I will always be on this side ". And ensure : "every time an officer of the community will be the victim, the mayor will be the civil party, on the side of the authority. "Simple posture ? Michaël Delafosse, history teacher at the college, refutes. "I am doing the course in costume, I believe in the moral and civic education. The example also contributes to reducing insecurity ", she defends the elected socialist. An issue that we intend to wear beyond the regional borders to " reaffirm the place of Montpellier and of the left ".

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