Moosburg, Bavaria, Germany: Abi-Party escalated completely: police grants-terrain - helicopter in use | Moosburg

A Celebration of high school graduates at the moss Burger Aquapark came to an abrupt end After an emergency, the police broke up the Party with hundreds of gues

Moosburg, Bavaria, Germany: Abi-Party escalated completely: police grants-terrain - helicopter in use | Moosburg

A Celebration of high school graduates at the moss Burger Aquapark came to an abrupt end After an emergency, the police broke up the Party with hundreds of guests. Now the use of a senior official, praises the young people.

< p > in Celebration of high school graduates at Moosburger Aqua Park came to an abrupt end.
After a emergency the police broke up the Party.
hundreds of guests had taken part in it. The head praised the behavior of young people.

Update Friday 14.37 at: As the police reported on Friday, came the young , who had made the Aquapark to your celebration zone, from different schools, among other things, the FOS and BOS Landshut . The use of senior official of the PI Moosburg, Wiebke Langwieser, it is a concern to emphasize that the young people "extremely understanding" when you were asked to leave the premises. "Striking is not only the fact that the celebration of the graduates by their division into small groups the legislation of the Bavarian infection protection measures regulation were to be compliant, but also excessive alcohol for them was to establish - with the exception of course of the been removed, a medical emergency was not", - stated in the report.

head of reports of "more than a positive experience"

The communication with the celebration of "consistently friendly and open-minded" and "while both sides", would have given the young people of the PI Moosburg as a Feedback. Long-Wieser declares, moreover, that a few young people would have been watching the forces of the water on Tuesday evening garbage bags asked to your waste clean up. The next day came they had come again to the Aquapark, in order to remove the Rest of your legacies.

Finally, the police: "The police inspection of Moosburg, it is important to also report about a more than a positive experience in the meeting between the police and young people. Because it offers a Bavarian speech to close the twist: So wia ma in Woid, a screams, a so kimmts zruck!‘“. And this is true for both sides.

According to the Abi tests: 400 people celebrate at the Aqua Park

Moosburg - On the Site of the Moosburger Aqua Park it came on Tuesday evening to a greater use, in addition to ambulance and fire brigade forces, ultimately, the police had to intervene. Trigger a medical emergency in a Celebration from school was .

Tobias Huber, the Deputy Chairman of the Moosburger water rescue, describes the events from his point of view: "On the banks of the Aqua Park have been in the afternoon, estimated 400 people ." The majority of it was for him to recognize from Afar, have gathered in little groups, reported the 24-Year-old. "They were wearing identical T-Shirts, and therefore it was quite fast clear that it must be a OJ- Celebration ." Huber and another member of the water rescue were this afternoon rather randomly because you wanted to cancel your guard shack at lake . "The Aqua Park is guarded by us only on weekends and holidays. Else it would be in our number of members is not possible.“

escalation, Abi-Party: helicopter lands directly on a lawn of Aquapark

Eventually, the Duo noticed the other the rescuers on the lawn, which is located at some distance from the guard station on the Eastern shore sun. "About 20.30 people were added to the celebration at once, paramedics and ambulance." Also, a helicopter had landed - in the middle of the lawn, which is why the fire Department Pfrombach arrived to hedge. Tobias Huber and his water rescue-PAL rushed to the rescue to help. "There has been a patient , has probably underestimated the intake of alcohol, or something else to the effect," says Huber. The Person had ultimately been removed however, with the regular ambulance - and not by helicopter. About the health condition of the Person, the police was able to give so far, no information.

+ The high-school graduates showed the evacuation of the Aqua Park cooperative, reported to the police.©Water rescue Moosburg

According to current situation of the approach of the rescue helicopter is also the reason why the Moosburger police had got Wind of the non-notified Party. "We were actually only for the landing of the helicopter," says Hans-Jürgen behind Meier, Vice-chief of the PI Moosburg, on Wednesday. According to Tobias Huber of the water, the majority of the party people have to leave Wake up at the latest upon Arrival of the police fleeing the area. In the report of the officials, the talk is of "about 150 participants, a graduation Party ".

Moosburg, in the district of Freising: police broke up a graduation Party to a telephone conversation on

Whether at the Celebration of the applicable clearance rules in relation to the Corona-hygienic protection miss, is not known, says Hans-Jürgen Meier background. "Whether or not goods are in a closed Party , or in groups of Ten on the road, no longer reveals itself in retrospect." In the case of small groups is not a violation of the applicable provision.

the police Celebration but in the end, however, dissolved, it was rather, at the request of the Park owner "by phone has informed us, a representative of the company, that the people should leave the premises," says behind Meier. "But there were still so many Sensible on-the-spot, that went off without a hitch." Ultimately, no criminal complaint because of trespass .

high-school graduates leave plenty of waste - and return to clean up

where the student came, who had made the Aquapark to your party zone, and also, obviously, plenty of garbage left, in addition, there were on Wednesday still no information in the police .

+ The legacies of the abruptly ended the Celebration were eliminated the following day by students.©Water rescue Moosburg

It should, however, point to the information of our newspaper a lot on school from Landshut . Finally, the final examinations in Technical secondary and vocational secondary schools took place on Tuesday - and the school the free singer FOS/BOS contributed to the majority of the Vöttinger Weiher.

A Supplement to the honorary rescue of the young party people delivered on Wednesday afternoon, then Tobias Huber, one of the water rescue : "We have found that a few of yesterday's celebration, today at the lake cleaned up. It is now again clean.“

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Date Of Update: 29 June 2020, 00:33