Weilheim-Schongau: schools prepare, in spite of Corona's normality before | Iffeldorf

four weeks of instruction in crisis mode, and then six weeks of holidays and then to start in Bavaria, in spite of Corona in the schools again, as a rule, opera

Weilheim-Schongau: schools prepare, in spite of Corona's normality before | Iffeldorf

four weeks of instruction in crisis mode, and then six weeks of holidays and then to start in Bavaria, in spite of Corona in the schools again, as a rule, operation. So it plans the Ministry of education. The principals in the district to go with Serenity to the preparations for the return to normality. You see, but also for the Alternative with rising infection numbers ready.

County– The most important preparatory work for the academic year 2020/21 is of basic about elementary school to high school, in the County of the same – and for years, experienced normality: As in every year, Directors and rectors of waiting for the allocation of the new teacher. This should be done, so you can hear from the schools until the start of the holidays. But it could also be time at the end of August, emphasizing a critical voice. Then the hours set out plans for the grades.

hygiene guidelines in the everyday incorporation

New this year: hygiene guidelines must be incorporated into the classroom everyday. And also to be taken into account: With increasing infection, the schools should return the numbers to the current Status quo, i.e., switching between digital Learning and school attendance. To would in the worst case, it's back to school and distance education closing.

"the priority of The normal operation," says senior study Director Bernard O'connor from the Welfen-Gymnasium Schongau, planning for the new school year. He does not believe that it will come back to closures, if necessary, return to the changing presence-teaching: "But with two phases, we have experience. We can make it only better.“ He looks forward to the future at his high school with over 800 students, "calm and quiet": "Even if the timing is currently enormous, a high level of stress for all teachers, students and parents."

For all cases: Online quote improve

real school Director Severin mutton of the Heinrich Campendonk Realschule penzberg expresses what all leaders want: "to Me, it would be of course most of all, if after the holidays, in fact everything is back to normal could run." But he wants to improve for all cases the Online service for its more than 500 students. Like all headmasters he, too, is waiting for concrete designs for the normal operation and the new hygiene rules, which are currently being revised, according to the Minister of culture Michael Piazolo (Free voters) of his house and the Ministry of health, and the rule operation.

"Basically, we are planning on the normal return to the school routine – with a few hygiene rules," says rector Susanne Coldwell, from the Josef-Zerhoch-school in Peißenberg. Rules, by the way, are accepted by the more than 350 students and their parents easier, as well at other schools: at the beginning of may, a teacher died on the Covid 19. The consternation was great, especially since could not say goodbye to the school community because of Corona limitations of the deceased. "Here no one asks in the Moment, whether the mask must be mandatory."

Small groups have the item positive effects

That it should run in a couple of weeks back to normal more – the predominant funding school-rector Alexander Rabas of the school on Gögerl in Weilheim not imagine yet: "The desire for normalcy may be the reality." By Homeschooling, different level of knowledge of the students, to be requested at other schools, according to the desire of the policy, and aligned with, the headmaster is not a Problem: "To a special school each pupil will be picked up on his knowledge and his skills." The small groups during the current stage would have an impact on the majority of his 170 students and 20 preschoolers rather positive.

"is Still far away" for rector Simone Schramm of the elementary school Iffeldorf, which is also for Antdorf and Habach and almost 200 pupils, the new school year. But to just respond, "because we have practiced it in recent times, inevitably, repeatedly, in the short term". Now you and your teachers have to try and keep an eye on the learning progress of their students: "We, the state of knowledge to assimilate." In addition, there are also tips for parents, the extent to which you can put your children in the holiday support.

All principals will be able to draw for the future of their schools on the past. Upper study Director O'connor from Schongau, formulated it for his high school: "the experience we have collected, we need to use and improve some things."

Ralf Scharnitzky

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Updated Date: 29 June 2020, 00:34

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