Mark Holland is renewed and will now be NL Netherlands

The brand Holland sheds its skin and regains the Netherlands, the official name of the country. After a year and a half of collaboration between public and priv

Mark Holland is renewed and will now be NL Netherlands

The brand Holland sheds its skin and regains the Netherlands, the official name of the country. After a year and a half of collaboration between public and private entities, sponsored by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NL Netherlands (in English) and in capital letters, is the new logo that aims to reflect on the outside the innovation and economic strength and national will replace the toponymic Holland, used up to now. According to the team of experts that devised it, is the expression of an innovative society, while Holland is associated to the tradition, windmills, cheeses and tulips included. On the other hand, the embassies and consulates have always used the Netherlands, because the Netherlands North and South are just two of the 12 provinces national. So take the part for the whole was not of receipt, despite its widespread use. The National Office of Tourism, which is promoted now by the name Holland, will discuss how to adapt the new sign, in force as of 1 January.

The move of the name you try to promote the Netherlands as a modern place, which is also the most competitive economy of the EU and the fourth largest in the world, according to the World Economic Forum. “We need to be able to explain to us, because the Netherlands and Dutch is often used outside, and we understand that, but on a national scale is another thing. A neighbor of Brabant or Friesland is not Dutch, but Dutch, like the rest of the inhabitants, and that is also important. On the other hand, we know that in Spain, France and Italy, it is used more Netherlands Netherlands to avoid confusion. In the Spanish case, because the second tends to be associated with the former territories of the Netherlands from the time of Philip II, which included, among others, up to the current Luxembourg. Or the Benelux, in his set. It is an additional challenge that we face for this operation of renovation of the brand to be successful”, pointing to THE COUNTRY spokespersons of Foreign.

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The National Tourism Bureau, accessed now through the web address to Holland. com, has an additional task. Their logo is a tulip followed by the word Holland, and in the new, upper-case letters NL have a tulip subtly outlined between the two letters. It maintains the color orange always, and in most cases the name Netherlands will accompany the two initials. “We will evaluate the consequences to us arising from the transformation”, indicate its charge, in a phone conversation. “The debate that has resulted in the brand renovation began about five years ago, and will order a study to see how to handle this new symbol from the corporate point of view”. In Foreign Affairs pointed out that “we will also use Holland, but we want to be seen in the world as a place of avant-garde and innovation and not to be remembered only by the traditional: cheese, windmills, canals, or tulips”.

Traditional, but also very attractive for tourists. And hence the period of the study announced by the Office of the sector. A country pointer, and you can effectively attract investments that promote the national economy, but the Netherlands always had, as it were, brought to the country in 2018 to 19 million tourists, 1.2 million more than the previous year, according to the Central Bureau of Statistics. A joy to the tourist office and also a headache, because the majority is concentrated in Amsterdam, which in 2018 registered 33% of the total overnight stays in the country, says the town Hall. The idea is to distribute to the country, to see how much it offers. In Foreign Affairs does not confirm the cost of the design, but Sigrid Kaag, the secretary of State for Trade, has stated that “200,000 euros is a reasonable figure for a logo, and no country works with the same 40 or 50 years ago”. NL Netherlands, with its tulip almost elliptical, this is the formula you trust.

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Date Of Update: 01 January 2020, 20:00