The law of Zapatero has saved many lives

"The law against gender-based violence will be the first law that I'll take to the Parliament.” President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 9/3/2004. In the dec

The law of Zapatero has saved many lives

"The law against gender-based violence will be the first law that I'll take to the Parliament.” President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, 9/3/2004.

In the decade of the 90 the Spanish society decided that the commitment to equality, demanded actions, legal frameworks and public policies, which would address violence against women. The law that put in place the institutional architecture of support to the victims was a personal commitment of president José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who has always understood that the formal statements of rejection are of no use if the State does not act with due diligence to end the hopelessness and fear that paralyze many women. Shoemaker knew that we must not only mitigate the effects of violence, but rather fight without limits in the inequality that feeds it.

it Would be good to remember that, at the end of the 90s, violent attacks against women in the family were considered to be mere mistakes and that more than 50% of the victims went to trial without assistance of counsel.The law came to put an end to impunity and the helplessness of the victims, and we can say categorically that today, the State protects more women and save more lives.


55 murders of machismo in 2019, the highest figure in five years The offender that did not stop until the end with Nicole

In the decade of the 90's produced an average of 17,000 complaints compared to the 167.000 2018 and the Report of the Ombudsman (1999) refers to an average of 84 murders a year in the years preceding the adoption of the Law, in front of the 52 crimes on average in the last 4 years. This means that the number of murders of women who previously reported abuse step 5.3 crimes to 0.4 for every thousand complaints. This is the finding of how the administration, after the approval of the Law acquired, gradually, a greater capacity of protection. It is not a fact to the satisfaction because each case of violence moves us, and moves us to continue working and to study and identify “what's wrong and what's missing”.

it Was that “be attentive” to the shortcomings, dysfunctions and the slowdown in the implementation of the Law, which led us to the deputies of the socialist Group to promote in 2014 a State Pact that would reinforce the consensus in this matter. A Covenant that is now a reality with proposals for reforms that are going to be vital, for example, for the protection of minors, or to stop the sexual violence that has gripped thousands of women, young and girls. Because of the fear of sexual assault cannot continue to be a constant in the lives of ALL women, the fight against the machismo criminal also implies, not to attend the sidelines, forced sexual acts or assaults.

When, through the extrapolation of data, the last Macroencuesta we noted that more than 600,000 women have suffered some form of sexual abuse before the age of 15, to resign oneself is not the response of a decent society. The concussion is the general reaction against the terrible cases of aggression in the herd, but 82% of sexual offences are committed a friend of the victim, a former spouse, a well-known...

Define a sexual assault on the basis of the absence of consent will be a paradigm shift and a huge step to the lives and freedom of women. But the administration of justice can no longer ignore, for example, that the paralysis involuntary, a product of fear, is manifest in 70% of women rape survivors.

the Whole of society should know that when the herds taken to the limit his ability to impose himself on a woman, they do so with the peace of mind that it gives them to know that it is the pornography and the audiovisual products that they consume from a very young age, who would propose, with all normal, the physical mastery of men over women.

Can we ask the education system that will compete with these new and massive elements of socialization? Is it not perhaps the time has come to be more demanding with all that production of toxic that is poisoning our sons and daughters that are symbolic of machismo that encourage the violence that we claim to fight? If this is evident, manifest no bones that it is essential to end the trivialization of the behaviors inequitable towards women if we want to build, once and for all, a coexistence that is truly democratic in our country

Angeles Alvarez and Elena Valenciano are members of the PSOE.

Updated Date: 02 January 2020, 03:00

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