Israel : the concerns are growing for Benjamin Netanyahu - The Point

in the Face of the growing wave of demonstrations against him, Benyamin Netanyahu is in attack mode. After referring to the protesters as' anarchists ", it is

Israel : the concerns are growing for Benjamin Netanyahu - The Point

in the Face of the growing wave of demonstrations against him, Benyamin Netanyahu is in attack mode. After referring to the protesters as' anarchists ", it is still increased in power, at the council of ministers for this Sunday : "Their goal is in fact to trample our democracy. "Another accusation : the protest movement is an incubator to coronavirus (which is not proven). And then, without firing a shot, he who takes it violently to the media : "They did not cover the events, they participate in it. They the kindle. "An attack in good standing in the right line of a tweet posted by the Likud on the eve in the evening while an event monster was, place de Paris in Jerusalem, near the Prime minister's residence – 15 000 participants, according to observers, 30 000 according to the organizers.

In this tweet, the Prime minister's party accused the television channels of relay " the propaganda of the manifestations of the left-anarchist ", adding : "It desperately tries to make a brain-washing the public in order to topple a Prime minister from the right fort. "To whom do these messages unequivocally intended for ? To the electorate of the right to mobilize and come to swell the ranks of the counter-demonstrators ? For it to come in mass to express to him their support ? Until now, this is not the case. Only a few dozens of activists of the Likud have made their appearance. Even the settlers are conspicuous by their absence. Or, another hypothesis, "Bibi" isn't it simply in the process of preparing the ground for his next election campaign ?

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fourth election in a year and a half ?

If one believes one of the main israeli media – tv, radio, newspapers,–, the upcoming elections, the fourth in a year and a half, could happen very quickly. There is even talk of next November. If this is proven, the official reason will be the feud of the budget between the head of the government to teammate and Prime minister of alternation, Benny Gantz. A quarrel that does not concern the content of the project, but on his calendar.

Until now, the proposed budget for 2020 has still not been voted. Benyamin Netanyahu has decided that it would only be valid for the remaining months of the year. While Benny Gantz sticks to the coalition agreement, is a two-year budget, 2020-2021. At the time, neither of them has the intention to fold. Problem : if the budget law is not approved by the end of August, the Knesset, the parliament dissolves automatically and the country goes to elections three months later. For the president of Blue-White, it could mean the end of his political career. We do not see how it could restore, in so little time, the confidence of his constituents, a large portion of whom felt betrayed when he accepted the national union.

The trial of the " Bibi ", in the beginning of January

And, for Benjamin Netanyahu, what is it ? Well, in the case of elections in November, he will win a precious time. Between the beginning of the election campaign and the formation of the new government, it takes place as a rule several months. A period during which the Prime minister remains the head of a transitional government. A godsend for Netanyahu, who will stand as head of government at his trial in early January, the hearings are occurring at a rate of three per week. Still a question : in spite of the pandemic, the economic crisis, and surveys drop — least ten points to this day, his party will there be found of the colors, thanks to a campaign vehement against the centrists, the left, the arab parties, the judges, the media, the anarchists ? We know his talents as a competitor which will make him the champion unparalleled in electoral campaigns. "The magician ", as called by its fans.

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unless... the magic no longer operate. In question, its obvious failure in the treatment of the second wave of the epidemic, the severe economic crisis that crosses the country (21 % of the unemployed), his trial for corruption, the threat of new investigations against him, the enormous participation of young people 25 to 35 years of age in the events. They are there for political reasons : democracy, the country's future, their future, and not just during the summer of the Indignados in 2011, to combat the cost of living, the rents are also higher. All this, in fact, that some of the editors that go to the elections to drop the wave of protests is perhaps not the best of strategies. Nahum Barnea of the daily right-wing Yediot Aharonot, notes : "judging by the enthusiasm of yesterday (Saturday 1st August), up from Paris to Jerusalem, by the anger, the joy, the thirst for change, it is not certain that this is the right bet..." other analysts are, on the contrary, believe that by attacking the media, the Prime minister could, as in the vote of 2015, again to win the bet. For the time being, the government of national unity survives both good and bad.

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Israel : "If the promises are not kept, the country will burn "
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