Iran admits it shot down by mistake the plane to be Ukrainian in that killed 176 people

Iran has acknowledged that it knocked down "involuntarily" the plane Ukrainian ill-fated last Wednesday after taking off from the airport of Tehran, which kil

Iran admits it shot down by mistake the plane to be Ukrainian in that killed 176 people

Iran has acknowledged that it knocked down "involuntarily" the plane Ukrainian ill-fated last Wednesday after taking off from the airport of Tehran, which killed all its occupants, 176 people, according to has confirmed the general staff of the iranian Armed Forces on state tv of the country in the middle East. The president of Iran, Hassan Rouhani, described the demolition as "a great tragedy and an unforgivable mistake". Until now, the iranian authorities claimed that there had been a mechanical failure and had denied categorically the possibility that their missiles will reach the device, despite the fact that countries such as Canada or the united States would ensure it was "highly likely" that the aircraft was brought down by a rocket land-air.

responsible for The "error" will be referred to a judicial department within the Armed Forces of Iran and will be held accountable, according to the statement of the Army iranian released at the first hour of this Saturday. "The airplane crash in Ukrainian at the beginning of this week was caused by a human error and by the boldness of the united States," wrote the minister of Foreign Affairs of Iran, Mohammad Javad Zarif, on his Twitter account. After days of tension and of great international pressure for Iran to carry out a research transparent and to take responsibilities, his admission of guilt about the loss of the flight PS752 of Ukraine International Airlines covering the route Tehran-Kiev is a change that has come as a surprise.

The president of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelenski, has called this Saturday for an official apology through diplomatic channels, and also a compensation. "Even before the conclusion of an international commission, Iran pleaded guilty to the incident in the plane to be Ukrainian, but we insist on the admission of total guilt. We hope Iran's assurances that the research will be complete and open, to bring the perpetrators to justice, to return the bodies of the dead, the payment of compensation and an official government apology through diplomatic channels," said Zelenski in a press release, in which has asked that the team of 45 experts sent by Ukraine for the clarification of the tragedy have full access to and co-operation. Zelenski has planned to talk with Rouhani along this Saturday.


the united States tried to settle to another iranian commander on the same night that killed Soleimani pulse by transparency mark the investigation of the disaster Boeing Ukrainian united States activated new sanctions to stifle Iran's economy

the office of The prime minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, very much involved in the investigation of the accident that ended the lives of 57 canadian, has issued a statement in which he says that "we will continue to work with our partners around the world to ensure that it carries out a full investigation and the canadian Government expected the full cooperation of the iranian authorities".

Until now, Iran had managed the investigation, although the experts sent to Ukraine, have had access to the black boxes (it is not clear if their content). However, in another substantial change, Tehran has assured this Saturday that will send the black boxes to France (that have been agreed with the parties as a "neutral") to be analyzed there, because they do not have the appropriate technologies to evaluate the data.

Eleven ukrainians -including the entire crew of nine members - were killed in the crash of the Boeing 737-800. The incident occurred at a time of great tension between Washington and Iran after the assassination ordered by Washington, a senior iranian military, Tehran responded by launching rockets into bases the US has in Iraq the same day that the plane crashed. A conflict which now have been joined by loosely-affected countries: on board flew a majority of iranians and canadians, in addition to swedes, germans, british and ukrainians.

iranian army has stated that the Boeing 737 Ukrainian was taken by a "plane hostile". "In a situation of crisis and delicate, the flight Ukrainian 752 took off from the airport Imam Khomeini [in Tehran], and at the time of rotation [seemed to be approaching a military facility sensitive", have told in a press release made public on state tv, at the that have ensured that they had detected increased activity u.s. air and fighter jets on their radar after their attacks against the forces of Washington in Iraq. "In these conditions" due to "human error, and without wanting to, the aircraft [was] struck", have been added. The Ejértito has insured that it will undertake a "major reform in all of the Armed Forces" to ensure that nothing similar will happen again.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard has received the order to appear in the state media to give an explanation. And the responsible iranians are spreading messages in social networks in which they admit what happened and apologize. In social networks, iranians have shown their anger towards the army, after which citizens support the authorities to the root of the murder on the part of the united states, general Qassem Suleimani. "It was supposed to be revenge against the united STATES, not the people", has written the journalist Mojtaba Fahti. The majority of the victims of the disaster are iranian or iranian-canadians.

Confused with a cruise missile

The commander of the forces aerospace iranians, Amir-Ali Hajizadeh has abounded more in that explanation, and has declared this Saturday that the plane Ukrainian was mistaken for a cruise missile. “The operator had only 10 seconds to take a decision," he said in an appearance televised by the state television of iran. Must obtain a confirmation and to communicate with the aircraft. "In these conditions there was a failure in the communication system and could not get confirmation and it took this terrible decision. We fired the rocket and it shot down the plane,” he added Hajizadeh.

The military leader has ensured that the armed forces had made several requests to iranian airspace was cleared for civilian aircraft. An assertion that raises still more questions and criticism about why not shut down the country's main airport and the air space in the middle of the climb in the Tehran launched rockets at the us bases in Iraq.

Hajizadezh has ensured that assumes “all the responsibility” for what happened. “I heard about the terrible tragedy in the west of the country after the completion of the operation of missiles against us bases. When I was convinced that this happened, I wanted to the death, because I'd rather die,” he said. "We will be responsible for the death of those people all our lives and today our honor is exposed before the Lord."

The prosecutor general of Iran, Mohammad-Jafar Montazeri, in a directive to the military prosecutor, demanded investigations "quick and meticulous" to identify all the causes and the people involved in the incident, according to the news agency semi-official ISNA.

What happened with the flight PS752 raises the tension between Iran and the united States, particularly after the murder with a drone an american on the powerful general Soleimani in the early morning of 3 January. This Friday, the Government of Donald Trump triggered new sanctions on Iran, which is hitting key sectors of the iranian economy such as industry, mining, textile and a number of senior officials of the regime. "There was information about an imminent threat," said Mike Pompeo, a secretary of State. "Soleimani was planning a large attack on us interests in the region, including embassies," he added.

Date Of Update: 11 January 2020, 13:00