Corona, Bavaria, Germany: day-trippers rush is expected to: mayor's appeal - especially in the mountains, Bavaria, Germany

Corona/Bavaria: For the coming weekend is expected to be in the Oberland is a great rush of excursionists. To you Responsible make an urgent appeal. The weeke

Corona, Bavaria, Germany: day-trippers rush is expected to: mayor's appeal - especially in the mountains, Bavaria, Germany

Corona/Bavaria: For the coming weekend is expected to be in the Oberland is a great rush of excursionists. To you Responsible make an urgent appeal.

The weekend of holidays , contrary to some Managers in the uplands with mixed feelings. The weather Outlook are Sunny and so is a great rush of Naherholern in the uplands and in the mountains is expected. The managing Director of the Alpine dairy business Association upper Bavaria, as well as several mayor appeal to the guests, respect to each other and to take on the natural .

Munich – With the last vacation days of good weather: On weekend crowds of excursionists* are streams in the mountains and on the lakes. But they also increasingly in Trouble: car Park chaos*, garbage problems and damage in the nature. Mayor and Alpine farmers want more consideration.

To the Corona-forced break: Great rush of Naherholern concerns

On the weekend, it is back to arg. Josef Bierschneider, mayor of Kreuth (Kreis Miesbach), attributed to on the last Whitsun holiday week end again with a rush of day trippers. After all, he has understanding – after all, his place and the surrounding area is a veritable Paradise . But for all this to remain so, he directs an urgent appeal to all visitors: "Take more consideration to each other and to nature!"

+ hikers and mountain bikers on an Alpine pasture: The paths will always occur, with a broader and mountain biker charged, attach it, then comes to Eros ion.©Dairy farming, of the Association of upper Bavaria

a rush as in the past few weeks, the mayor has not yet experienced. "Everything was parked there. To the Federal highways on both sides parked cars , which has led to dicey situations, because the exit could see the end of residential street, only difficult.“ But that was not all. The cars were parked in the meadows, the escape routes were blocked. Beer Schneider urges to reason and insight: "Our concern is that the visitors we welcome, of course, take into account the local population. If Parking lots are overflowing, not you should not the pinching still somewhere, so that emergency vehicles to come by. You have to find another place, be a little flexible.“

Bavaria: hikers should stay on designated Trails - mountain bikers to be concerned about

the mountains it is much narrower – even as it is, according to beer Schneider all the more important that the people stay on the designated Paths and no abbreviations , because it is damaging to the rare flowers . "It is also alarming the Wild, this attracts due to the high recreational pressure, anyway." Also, more and more mountain bikers* , "which it is no longer sufficient to stay to normal Because of the mayor. You are looking for adventure to drive cross-country.“ He had massive complaints of Alpine farmers , where the cyclists to cross through the meadows, the tag not close and cattle to scare them.

+ Pentecost in Eschenlohe (in the district of Garmisch-Partenkirchen): car Parking escape routes and roadsides.©Kölbl

can also sing Hans Stöckl, managing Director of Alpine dairy farming business club Bavaria, a song. Only on Tuesday he was in a Alpine farmers in Bad Feilnbach (Kreis Rosenheim), of the animals from his Alm-similar home lawn on the mountain. "Since the mountain bikers riding at night on the Lawn, disturb the animals so that they flee in a hurry and hurt yourself," says Stöckl. Three female calves, he had to bring with injuries in the stable. Many Alpine farmers, he gets messages, that after the Corona-relaxed a lot more people on the mountain pastures are on the go. In the case of many of them, believe Stöckl even benevolent, whether it be ignorance and not rough intention, if you behave incorrectly.

All visitors , he places, therefore, it is highly recommended:

gate must be closed to stay on the Paths, and no new abbreviations in the Meadow trample to make a picnic on the Lawn, but the break of the economies or on the edge of the forest, not with wheels by flock by dog leash to feed the animals to go, "because the keep the dog for a Wolf and natural defensive behaviour showing". Otherwise, of course, also on the mountain: lead dogs on a leash , their feces, like in the valley and to collect and dispose of the bottom.

Bavaria Alm and nature, visitors should be sensitized to appeal to day trippers

Stöckl is convinced that it needs more clarification. The Ministry of agriculture is planning a awareness campaign for Alpine and natural visitors. The Alpine farmers would wish that such everyday life skills in the school be taught.

And always the more respect : the cyclists to hikers , hikers on the mountain pastures, the animals and plant . And especially: That the visitors to your garbage is not simple in nature. "Our yard is massive, additionally, on the go, on the weekends the garbage in the landscape to collect", said the mayor of beer Schneider. "As a visitor, one should come with the awareness: I am a guest here and behave like that." Although the pressure increases due to the growing number of day trippers, want a beer cutter no escalation . He argues for a combination of same-day visitors, tourists and Locals – everyone should have their enjoyment of nature. "If everyone keeps in mind to respect the other, then it would have to go," he said.

hikers-rush in Bayern is expected to: mayor doesn't want any confrontations

The Kreuther mayor doesn't want any confrontation between the people of Munich and the inhabitants of the upper country*: "We live from each other. Also, the Munich-based need of the people in the surrounding region, driving in the city for shopping or go to the theatre. This is a reciprocal relationship,“ says Josef Bierschneider. The Corona-crisis have shown how much it slopes from each other. "It is important that we work well together. It is a sensible to each other.“

Already a few weeks ago, the fear of a large-trippers rush grew up in the tourist areas. The policy appealed, even then, to the good sense of the people. But, for example, around the lakes walchensee and Kochelsee politicians no longer believe locally that the words be of no avail.

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