Erding Corona comment: to Open the schools now, for all! | Erding

Because no one can exclude the possibility of a second Corona-shaft, it is now important to test a regular school education for all under the new arrangements.

Erding Corona comment: to Open the schools now, for all! | Erding

Because no one can exclude the possibility of a second Corona-shaft, it is now important to test a regular school education for all under the new arrangements. Many children see their school until after 15 weeks from the inside. In education, the state has failed, and results in missed opportunities, says editor-in-chief Hans Moritz, in his commentary on the weekend.

On Monday, the Pentecost holiday is to end, and for hundreds of children from the Erdinger Land the starts 14. (!) Week in the you are not allowed to due to Corona school. It is only now that the layer classes begin classes for the last year. Many are between the ages of 16. March, the beginning of the lock downs in day-care centres and schools, and the beginning of the summer holidays at the end of July, like, three (!) Weeks your classroom from the inside have seen.

of Course, the closure was in the face of rapidly rising Covid-19-infections at the beginning correctly. But then almost nothing for months happened. The state should have government from the first day to worry about, such as the state of his schooling – Yes that is true not only for the children – meet.

There is a lack of binding targets

Up to today, there is a lack of binding targets, as the Homeschooling should look like. As before, any school is what you want. The result is that there are very dedicated teachers who understand the digitization of the lesson as an opportunity and are in close contact with the families. But there are also children, who had since March, just two, three Times with your teacher contact.

Once a week, a few of the worksheets via e-Mail and, if necessary, a sample of control – so Erding in the classroom in the County and in part still is. The failure of State and shows, children obviously have no Lobby. Just the most vulnerable without access to digital learning platforms have long been suspended. It makes you angry that the neither a policy nor a teacher seems to be interested in associations seriously. The promised billion from the bailout packages for the digitalization of schools (and the families) come for many children to be late.

children are Corona hardly

After all, wrestled for weeks about when to start regular lessons for all affected. It must immediately happen. Admittedly, To this day, nobody knows exactly how much children are involved in the Infection.

virologists now have found out that children can have a similar, high virus load, such as adults. But the fact is that Younger infected significantly less frequently with the Corona Virus. Worldwide, only one to two percent of the patients were under the age of 18 years. And if they are infected, they, as a rule, only very slight gradients, if they show at all because the symptoms.

All this proves: This Generation is suitable for the re-opening of the schools. Therefore, the demand of the German society for hospital hygiene, the German society for pediatric infectious diseases, the German Academy for Pediatrics and adolescent medicine, the society for Hygiene, environmental and preventive medicine, as well as the professional Association of child and youth doctors.

Self virologist Christian Drosten are

But not only the Well-being of children, as well as the need for a regular classes in the view. Even the very cautious virologist Christian Drosten of favour. "It is quite clear that we need to open, and the other half you can't open you," he said in the Spiegel Interview.

The timing is particularly good. Also in the district of Erding, the pandemic is almost stopped. New infections are hardly known, 14 acute cases are currently. Of course, one must always expect a second wave, possibly in the autumn.

NOW, before a possible second wave, must be tested in the classroom for all

The more important it is to test now the new regular classes with distance, mouth-nose protection, staggered breaks and any Outdoor classes, in the auditorium or the gym rules. Now is the time to gain experience for a period with more cases.

Yes, this is for the teacher a major challenge. Even more annoying is that up to 40 percent of the educators assign as a precaution, once a high-risk group, to be able to continue at home, or, if at all, in front of the Laptop remain. The unions squander your reputation as a professional(!)sverbände, if you're just looking for reasons why your members of your profession not as usual can be enjoyed.

teachers are not allowed to speak out

How is this defensive posture probably Doctors, nurses or sellers that have to do with people whose risk of infection is significantly higher than in children?

Austria, it is only in the pandemic, then in the fight against the pioneers, with the beginning of the summer holidays Aufholkurse for disadvantaged children. It thinks in us not even. A further proof of the negligence of the education policy, the leaves, also, still, whether the curriculum for the new school year will be adapted to the negligence. A Further the next giant would be a mistake.

Who is not now, that regular classes are held only if there are counter Corona drugs and a vaccine – so at some point in 2021. Or later. Madness!


Date Of Update: 13 June 2020, 01:33