Belarus : the son Lukashenko in the footsteps of dad - The Point

Of the three, it is the last one that he prefers. The dictator of belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, 65, re-elected with 80% of the votes at the conclusion of massi

Belarus : the son Lukashenko in the footsteps of dad - The Point

Of the three, it is the last one that he prefers. The dictator of belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, 65, re-elected with 80% of the votes at the conclusion of massive fraud, is expressed rarely on his son. But his attitude says a lot about the feelings that he gives to his offspring.

The last one is called Nikolai, said Kolia. He is 16 years old and followed his father from a young age in all his travels. In April, he lit yet another candle to his side in the church of the Annunciation, not far from Minsk. Costumed and carefully cravaté, the boy always displays an air of weary with his eyelids low and his lower lip slightly forward. He does not smile. Except when he poses with classmates from his hockey team, the sport fetish from his dad. The rest of the time, it travel. And meeting the great people of this world. We see the side of Michelle and Barack Obama on the sidelines of a meeting of the united nations or the Vatican when his father introduced him to the pope Benedict XVI and his successor, pope Francis. On the note alongside Putin during joint military exercises attended by the head of the Kremlin and Lukashenko. He is also listed on the official photos to the left of the chinese leader Xi Jinping and his wife. In February 2018, he sits even in front of a piano to accompany a singer chinese celebrating the New Year. That day, he pats down the keys on the keyboard without looking at the singer who draws waves with his hands.

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Of the three offspring, Nikolai is the only blond. His mother, it is true, is an ex-mistress and former personal doctor of Lukashenko. She has struggled a lot to get custody of his child. In vain. Lukashenko has granted the right to see it on Sunday. The two other sons, Viktor and Dmitry, were born to a binding legitimate : the marriage of Lukashenko with Galina Zhelnerovitch, a former classmate. No photos circulating of the mother, separated (but not divorced) of the dictator since 1994 and returned to live in his village in the Mogilev region.

An eldest son "too low"

Viktor, 44 years of age, mustache, like his father, and a striking resemblance, is the one who occupies the highest positions. Appointed in 2005 as assistant in charge of national security then, two years later, a member of the security Council, it operates in the heart of the repressive apparatus. And is currently working to quell the revolt, born out of the election fraudulent the 9th of August. His influence is no doubt in a country that has an intelligence officer for 750 inhabitants. The point to appear as the heir that would keep her in reserve Lukashenko.

Except that the father felt limited confidence in respect of his eldest son. "It is weak and will remain so ", he said. The waltz of the heads at the top of the security organs, regularly decided by Lukashenka, unable to establish its authority. The day after the last presidential election, he even swept the headquarters of the KGB, the intelligence service of the country, to the chagrin of the son who had placed his men.

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When it imprisons not opponents, Viktor sits astride his Harley-Davidson, "more than a passion, a sense of (s)life," he says. Or manages the arms sales of the country. Or even takes care of sports policy. Over the past year, he leads the national olympic committee and visited the athletes from belarus. It is he who trinque in 2019 with the footballers of Dinamo Brest, winners of the national championship. "These glasses are vodka personal to the president. She is not for sale nowhere ", their lance-t-il.

A cadet in the business

The younger son, Dmitry, him, does not taste like to the policy, and merely enrich themselves through the business. Among its properties, supermarket chains and concessions Porsche. It also manages the sports complex presidential for the organization of events and sometimes represent abroad the interests of BelAZ, the national company of trucks and tractors. "I feel at home when I am in the cab of a BelAZ ", he says gladly.

If he had to choose a dauphin, Lukashenko would opt probably for the youngest, Kolia. "This is my cross, my talisman ", he used to say. In 2012, during a visit to Venezuela, he had not been able to prevent wear to bare his son, then aged 8 years, in the face of a Hugo Chavez ready to hear it all. "Here is someone who could take over from our co-operation in 20 or 25 years," he fanfaronné.

Since then, he has been working to quell the rumor. "This is absurd, loose-t-it by 2015 to a Russian journalist, our Constitution requires a minimum age of 35 years to run in the presidential election. It would mean that I have yet to stay in power an extra 20 years ? "" I promise you that I will not die in my chair ", pounds-t-it. It is without doubt the only one to believe.

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