FDP in Five-percent-pit: Lindner has identified a reason in its own ranks

In July, the Berlin sparrows were recognizable louder and soon they were whistling it from the rooftops: The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner is the General Secre

FDP in Five-percent-pit: Lindner has identified a reason in its own ranks

In July, the Berlin sparrows were recognizable louder and soon they were whistling it from the rooftops: The FDP Chairman Christian Lindner is the General Secretary Linda Teuteberg dissatisfied. At the Federal party on the 19th. In September, he would actually prefer that, so was listening to music, with a other Secretary-General to start. An official confirmation for this Info it was not. But even to explicit Demands for no denial came. Also in this August. And that means: Teuteberg is down for the count.

The more interesting question now: what number is actually counted? Because Teuteberg not seems to think of it, the pressure immediately to give in to of from.

makes it easy friendly your Job and ignored the shot across the bow. Let Lindner and interested members of the Public, in the meantime, by means of a "mirror" to know that she was OK "until the spring" – as well as the "Team of the Federal Executive Board". The supposedly sober formality is a clever note: If you want to get rid of me, you must say it properly. And: You would have to hold elections for the entire leadership as a whole. This can also be time for one or the other from the management team uncomfortable.

"Go", "Come"

The game is there for the liberals, you need to be – figuratively speaking – about so imagine: Lindner Teuteberg "Go, please." Teuteberg at Lindner: "Come on – if you dare."

this much is clear: Will pushed the brand citizen to the early withdrawal, then the there is also a mini uspunkte for your boss, Lindner. At his suggestion, she was finally elected in April 2019 by the Congress, with almost 93 percent. She had profiled previously as a tough inner politician with clear announcements. The expectations were high. The but has not met you.

it was in the new office is not the woman in the combative tones, but it's nice to see most of your party friends – the balanced, polite message. And for that she has the wrong Post. Because a Secretary-General needs to make the big wave. In the Opposition only.

Marco Buschmann favorite

a favourite for the succession, according to information from FOCUS Online is currently the Parliamentary Secretary of the FDP, Marco Buschmann. What speaks for the Bushman: Its relationship to Lindner is considered to be particularly closely, the two have been working together for years. Bushman knows the Agency, with the help of the FDP in the election campaign, and he is familiar with the program of the FDP well. The Chairman may propose to the Secretary-General. In the party the other day, and also the social politician John bird's chances were given. About Bush's grades at old FDP-strategists: "He would have to hot MOP. He makes the party to the Sch...." Say: He is Lindner's mine dog. Such partners are the heads of the Gold value. Reuters/Christophe Gateau/dpabild Marco Buschmann, Parliamentary Secretary of the FDP group in the Bundestag.

what is Clear is that Wants to Lindner Buschmann, then he will. Now – or only in the spring. It's supposed to be Bushman had been the other day to have spoken at a representatives meeting of the liberals of a "media witch-hunt" against Teuteberg.

The nervousness in the case of the liberals is growing. This is because, with values between five and six percent, the FDP, which in the previous Federal election is still a whopping 10.7 percent of imports, the parliamentary death zone approaches. In the nearly three years since the great success of the liberals, a lot has happened and a lot of it is how FDPler in the last couple of weeks in a reminder to call, in whole or in part, to the account of the "Lindner himself". The man led them to the top, but on the descent is not uninvolved.

Lindner's old error

There was the rejection of a "Jamaica coalition" in November of 2017. And: Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the FDP has placed in the first state carrying on the Merkel line, the unofficial Alliance to terminate soon after perch. Meanwhile, many is not clear where and what the FDP is. Lindner has made early proposals for economic assistance for companies, which are not due to Corona cash,. Some of it was taken up by the Grand coalition. Only Lindner's accompanying program was sometimes so lively that many overlooked the substance.

All the information about the corona of a crisis in the News Ticker of FOCUS Online.

dpa/Martin Schutt/dpa-Central picture/dpa FDP-Chef Christian Lindner (l.) and the (later) short-term Prime Minister of Thuringia, Thomas Kemmerich, with completion in October 2019.

Above all, the Thuringian tragedy in several acts has damaged the FDP solid. Thomas Kemmerich, the party crashed in February in one of the deepest crises in years, as he did with AfD votes for the Prime Minister to choose, and this choice was then promptly accepted. "Mr. Kemmerich was obviously overwhelmed," was at the time, Lindner's somewhat helpless comment. The cost of trust. When Kemmerich was then a few weeks later, in the AfD, the stronghold of Gera as the main speaker for a "walk" commit – for this title is the tight right Pegida holds-movement, so to speak, the Copyright – fueled he doubts about his attitude. That Kemmerich occurred there even without the mask, gave the Rest away.

doubts about whether she is the Right person for the FDP

Teuteberg is not responsible for these antics. But she, too, has not prevented it. And it was not such a captivating program that your party was able to determine with other news headlines. Their greatest weakness is perhaps her perfectionism has said the 39-Year-old self-change. A kind of little sister of this property – excessive caution – certainly in the own people in the last year, the doubts grow whether Teuteberg is the right man for the Job.

but How can it go from here? If the chief rejects you, can't Teuteberg, of course, make a good Job. And so it appears from today's perspective, is likely that you will drop in the next few weeks, but the pressure. You would ertrotzen their whereabouts in the office, so to speak, could be a bad Start to the election year 2021 blamed. That also has to be well thought out.

Lindner has considered its General Secretary last several times with the title "a strong part of our team". This means that for the first is nothing other than this: I have nothing against Linda Teuteberg, personally, but very little against you in this Position. Strong hail and rainstorm, Where on Tuesday dicey PCP will rain heavily, hail and Thunderstorms: Where is it on Tuesday tough that is

Updated Date: 11 August 2020, 05:26

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