Bamberg: Gemeinde Stegaurach is not only for the biodiversity top

It is in the often tedious business of local politics not too often that a Council, like the other day, the municipal Council of Stegaurach, gets almost just su

Bamberg: Gemeinde Stegaurach is not only for the biodiversity top

It is in the often tedious business of local politics not too often that a Council, like the other day, the municipal Council of Stegaurach, gets almost just success messages on the table. If councils are flowers for the Kämmerin or the youth social worker demand, it is believed, as observers, in the public meeting of the Council, perhaps even in a wrong world.

upswing in youth work

As head of the Administration, and Council agreed, that the speakers in this session, all of the highest recognition, and flowers have earned, first of all, Dominique Willemsen from the Association of Innovative social work in Bamberg, which was about the youth Ministry from January 2019 to March 2020 in stegaurach.

impressively, the result, contrary to echoed it from the Council was, after Willemsen from the voluntary participation of many young people in the framework of the municipal youth work had reported.

Read, said mayor Thilo Wagner, could you by Willemsen initiated a boom in the Open youth work also in the electronic Council information system. The flowers will not, however, submitted only a virtual one.

Effective biodiversity strategy also Siegfried Weid of the government of upper Franconia. He spoke of the biodiversity strategy of the municipality of Stegaurach, which has in the municipal area, a whole range of top quality and biotope mapped habitats with an extraordinary number of rare or endangered plant and animal species.

Against the Background of climate change and species extinction exist on a huge scale, efforts of local Agenda-21-working groups seem desperate, sometimes maybe even. In stegaurach, Council, Administration and the volunteers of the wide variety of environmental and nature protection associations took now but a heart, so that the Council with only one vote against the decision passed to the Bavarian nature conservation Fund, a funding application for a project Manager in terms of biodiversity. Three years you could count on the financial support of the conservation Fund for this measure, said Weid. About a quarter of the funding amount, the purchases for the project management Area, the public Relations and the success of control with 150 000 euros, was estimated, has to muster the municipality itself.

specialist centre for biodiversity

The municipal Council seemed to be immediately aware of what a privileged position you as an aura cher, if you - Aurach, such as the municipality of Steg - the centre of a breathtakingly beautiful nature area can be. And to ensure that this remains in the spirit of environmental protection and nature conservation, and home care in a sustainable way, will strive stegaurach, after the expiration of the pilot project, biodiversity is a specialist centre for biodiversity and sustainability to provide.

in spite of exemplary minor household figures Satisfactory finances

for Stegaurach will not be easy, you could read in the comments of municipality of kämmerin Heike Wächtler. She explained in Detail where the municipality comes to your money and where it flows. Clearly, as never before it had presented to the overall, quite a satisfactory financial situation of the municipality and explained, meant that in the face of naked Figures amazingly enthusiastic Councils across all the groups. Is understood that the call for flowers for Wächtler loud.

vandals at work

Nevertheless, the public meeting ended with a very unpleasant incident: vandalism against the Auracher chapel was to complain. The graffiti and the theft and damage of Equipment damage, experts estimate at least 10 000 euros. The municipality has advertised for information leading to the capture of the perpetrators, a reward of 200 Euro.

Worse, it had come to the popular chapel of the gem, but yet still, explained to mayor Wagner, as had occurred close to the building, a burst water pipe. Many volunteers have helped the most damage and avoid shown that you believe in stegaurach in the most positive sense together.

This article was written by Rüdiger Klein

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Date Of Update: 26 June 2020, 14:26