Councils in Garmisch-Partenkirchen determined: a sign of disunity | Garmisch-Partenkirchen

With demonstrations of Power trying to be the mayor Elisabeth Koch, the Opposition in the Garmisch-Partenkirchner Council to take the Wind out of the sails. Thi

Councils in Garmisch-Partenkirchen determined: a sign of disunity | Garmisch-Partenkirchen

With demonstrations of Power trying to be the mayor Elisabeth Koch, the Opposition in the Garmisch-Partenkirchner Council to take the Wind out of the sails. This is not always possible. In the case of the election of the Advisory Board of the Marianne Aschenbrenner Foundation you will not bring your desired candidate.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen – A seat on the Advisory Board of the unincorporated Marianne Aschenbrenner Foundation, the purpose of the non-profit social services for the elderly, brings neither fame nor for money. It is a volunteer. It seems like a popular. The four seats six people applied last. It was not, therefore, in the Garmisch-partenkirchner Council on Thursday to a vote that revealed already in the second session of the new Parliament, exposed the disunity of the body, which speaks for the coming weeks, months and years for a fruitful cooperation.

Nip it in the Bud. As the words are understood by Dr. Stephan Thiel, denounced the work atmosphere. The Faction leader of Alliance 90/The Greens urged to put party political interests on the backburner to be the Best for the place to get. But he has little hope that his plea will fall on fertile ground. "You want to enforce CSU policy, because you have a majority," he says in the direction of the mayor Elisabeth Koch.

chef's favorite candidate fell with 11:19 votes

The was looking for when Marianne Aschenbrenner Advisory Board and the economic Advisory Council to the trial of power – as with the Constituent meeting on may 13. May, as by their chess moves Lilian Edenhofer (Free voters) and the FDP-man Martin Schröter, a referent item was denied. Once she was successful, for a second Time. The Aschenbrenner-Advisory Board, candidate, Anton Hofer fell through with 11:19 in favour, because even the CSU agreed closed for the chef's favorites.

According to the application Bittner talk to Daniela to renounced in their favour edenhofer, the Chairman of the Free voters, a candidate, Dr. Rainer Pannhausen, Albert Berghofer and Hermann Guggemoos (CSU), all of them were affiliated to the Advisory Board, and political newcomer Hofer (Garmisch+Partenkirchen to each other), the mood was charged and explosive. Cook was forced to the Public for 25 minutes to exclude, "so that the people are not corrupt". She does not see His Failure, she still looks the Better for the Advisory Board, as a personal defeat. "Why, the majority has decided differently. That is how democracy works.“ Bittner do not speak of expertise, looks at you but more a "conflict of interest", because the former COD councillor at the district office is employed as a senior officer.

Also interesting: CSU makes the muscles play requests from other groups to fall through

more important, it is likely the success values in terms of economic Advisory Council to import, you launched. However, resistance from the Opposition, from the Greens, the SPD and the Free voters suggested against it. Representatives of the green party and the social Democrats objected to the list. "Nothing against the men, which are proposed, these are all honourable people," said Thiel.Both Alois Schwarzmüller as well as Thiel would have liked to have seen a worker or a trade Union representative and a woman represented in the body. This desire has been thrown out.

Koch defended their choice against criticism that came from Daniel sheen (Free voters) and Alexandra Roos-Teitscheid (Green). You sensed even "leaves a bad taste", because people who would have had interest, "were not to be included or excluded". It is a matter of "local strong players that know what it is," said cook. She sees the economic Advisory Council, mainly as an Advisory body. For themselves and particularly for the financial, the main and the holiday Committee.

Advisory boards

Marianne Aschenbrenner Foundation: Daniela Bittner, Albert Berghofer, Dr. Rainer Pannhausen, Hermann Guggemoos.

industry Advisory Board :

trade and Commerce: Franz Grassegger (Costumes Grassegger).

craft: Bernhard Hofmann (electro-Hofmann).

tourism economy: Johann Schmitz (Alpine Convention).

health Economics: Dr. Christian Fulghum (chief physician endogap).

financial management: Martin Maurer (Kreissparkasse).


roles in this political piece are clear, because it determines the citizen, and Elizabeth Koch as a Strategist and Tactician of high grace be - and proven. They prepared their takeover of power in the weeks between election and assumption of office perfectly. Chef is able to provide a superior outcome for themselves and their CSU, as well as promises and post-close Schacher for small groups and parties, an extremely stable majority on the legs. A move of this type is the least successful COD-mayor Thomas Schmid 2008, when he won the Free voters as a Junior Partner in the boat, and then, by rule could not. A similar construct has created a cook, although the Alliance with the COD and the Bavaria party dismisses as a conspiracy theory the Opposition. The like, especially for the Alliance 90/The Greens, the second-strongest group, frustrating, but not to change for the next six years. However, everything will not always be around for cooking and the CSU. Since s is’that the gentlemen of the Tohu and Wabohu in the governance of the Council and not the mayor. Happened in the second meeting on Thursday of this week. Sovereignty looks different, and the fact that you throw unwanted members, with their complacency and sarcasm, and you can get a feel for who has the Say. One more shot cooperation would also accept an advantage as the opinion of the dissenters to. To improve not only the atmosphere, but to bring Garmisch-Partenkirchen to the front. Especially in times like these. PETER REINBOLD

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