Emanuel Buchmann: Tour, victory is not too far away | More sports

The Tour-de-France-Fourth, Emanuel Buchmann wants to lay back and 8848 meters with the road bike for a good purpose. The climbing Tour is also a good Training f

Emanuel Buchmann: Tour, victory is not too far away | More sports

The Tour-de-France-Fourth, Emanuel Buchmann wants to lay back and 8848 meters with the road bike for a good purpose. The climbing Tour is also a good Training for the tour de France, where he has big goals.

Ötztal (dpa) - in fact, Emanuel Buchmann would be straight in the hot preparation phase for the Tour de France. Since the race was postponed because of the Coronavirus pandemic at the end of August, completed the previous year's fourth new challenges.

On Friday, he wants to put 8848 altitude - the Mount Everest - with the wheel back and donate for a good cause to collect. In the back of the head, but he has the tour de France, as Buchmann on the Podium wants. In an Interview with the German press Agency, the professional cyclist, talks about his unusual project, the Tour de France and the lack of doping controls.

How to run the so-called the Everest Challenge?

Emanuel Buchmann: I will complete the Challenge in the Ötztal valley at the Haiminger mountain. It is a mountain of tens of kilometres in length, with 1050 metres in altitude. I'm going to be alone up and down until the 8848 meters of height are reached. I would have to be nine hours of on-the-go. Online, there are parallel, a donation platform. As you can see, how much was donated.

Have you made in Training or the race ever so many meters of height?

Buchmann: not at All. Most of the I'm in Training were 5500 meters of altitude. This is now a completely different number. But normally it is not a mountain up and down. In the race the really serious stage of the Tour will have about 4500 to 5000 meters of altitude.

How did you come up with the idea?

Buchmann: The training routine is just a little monotonous without a race. As I thought about time to do something Crazy, or a challenge to install.

her coach, Dan Lorang also Ironman Champion Jan Frodeno looked after. Have you Frodeno inspire, which has launched a fundraising campaign with a home-Triathlon?

Buchmann: My Trainer came up with the idea that you could combine it with a good purpose. When Frodeno it worked very well, it has really collected a lot of money. I hope, that at me something will come together. The aim of 88.000 Euro, so for each meter in height ten euros. If it doesn't work, I'll still drive the level meters.

How good are you with the Corona-restrictions to cope?

Buchmann: it's Actually very good. In Austria it was Cycling alone on the road. I was able to pull the Training is quite normal. Meanwhile, it is also allowed in the groups.

How difficult was it to motivate yourself?

Buchmann: If no concrete target is there or pretty far away, it is mentally very easy. But I have mastered quite well. Cycling is fun for me and the Training. It makes the whole thing easier. I've not looked too far into the distance, but only from unit to unit. And now the light at the end of the tunnel is in view again.

How realistic is it that at the end of August the large Tour entourage runs through France?

Buchmann: How it looks, very realistic. It's all relaxed. The football League plays again. Until the end of August, there are still three months. I am very optimistic that the Tour will take place.

you Find it right that football occupies a special role?

Buchmann: You have to admit that a football game is easier to shut off than a bike race. The play in the stadium, there are 22 players. It is not comparable with 200 people who ride cross Bicycle race through the country. I find it rather good that the football is played. In some sports you have to start with the game operating again, and take the first step. The football is extremely good in comparison to Cycling, he has a higher status in the society.

you Could make friends with a Ghost Tour?

Buchmann: It would be nice and a completely different Feeling than the last few years. But for a year we could make it. We also ride a lot of bike racing, where not so many viewers. In the case of the UAE Tour, Abu Dhabi viewers, they are hardly the edge of the road. So it's nothing New for us.

Last year, they were Fourth in the Tour de France. An increase in it?

Buchmann: As what is still possible. The goal is to improve. That would be a place on the Podium, but everything has to fit. You have to get the three weeks without injury and fall. It happened quickly, that you lose by a stupid action of time.

a Tour victory Remains a dream or is it a realistic goal?

Buchmann: If the Podium is the goal, then victory is not far away. It's not like it's my only goal is to win the Tour. From the Podium to victory, and it is not far, last year has been the fourth place so much.

For some Teams, the drivers had to accept because of the Corona-pandemic loss of Salary. How was it for you?

Buchmann: For us, it was fortunately not an issue. The main sponsors Bora and hansgrohe have spoken clearly to the Team. We get to the full salary. We are very happy that the sponsors support us like this.

to Come on the sponsors-dependent Cycling of heavy periods?

Buchmann: It is a difficult time. It of course also depends on what kind of a business model, the main sponsors, and how hard you are hit. Can not exclude the possibility that the team will have to close. It is also about how the situation will develop. If it's uphill now, it looks for the sport of Cycling better. A second shaft, and a Lockdown, but it will be hard for everyone.

there Were at you in the last few months, doping controls?

Buchmann: I had my last Test in mid-March, shortly before the Lockdown. Since then, I had no doping control. I think the NADA will perform re-inspections.

Fear in the face of the lack of control unpleasant Surprises when you restart?

Buchmann: Not really. It can all still take checks. I assume that the System starts operating normally again and all athletes are tested regularly. I don't know if it would have made sense to dope at the end of April for the Tour.

TO the PERSON: Emanuel Buchmann (27) is a professional cyclist with Team Bora-hansgrohe. In 2019, the native Ravensburger finished the Tour de France in fourth place and was the best German placement since 2006. To Buchmann 2015 had won the German road race championship.

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