A Mentor of young musicians

for Over 30 years was Hans-Peter Niedermeier responsible for the singer-songwriter-young festival of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. Now the 66-Year-old goes into

A Mentor of young musicians

for Over 30 years was Hans-Peter Niedermeier responsible for the singer-songwriter-young festival of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. Now the 66-Year-old goes into retirement. We talked with him about what the special Flair of the singer-songwriter scene on the Banzberg in his eyes and ears.

Professor Niedermeier's sitting casually on a beer Bank in the Bruderhof. On his head he has a hat on which his monogram HPN is embroidered. Since 1987, he is the artists and the people from the Region under this name is known. As long as he was in charge of the Young laureate, supported by the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. Including such well-known musicians as Willy Astor, Wolfgang Buck, Bernd Stelter and Bodo Wartke as well as the groups rose proud and Viva Voce are.

Hans-Peter Niedermeier recently his office in the Munich Headquarters of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, Packed up, came to him many memories from over 30 years in the sense - and of more than 30 Leitz folders full of testimonies, he could not separate himself to the horror of his wife: "This is like a family chronicle - in the Banz I'm just as happy at home."

a Great stage for the young

in 1987, HPN-recorded for the first time for the award of the Junior research award of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation is responsible. The young artist received at the time of the "Songs on a summer evening" by Ado Schlier and the Bavarian radio for the first time, a large stage on the Meadow above the Kloster Banz. In the past few years, the young singer-songwriter are now integrated in the "songs to Banz," the follow-up festival the "Songs", with the evening program.


At the beginning recalls HPN, were the submitted pieces musically, is often very appealing, but in technical terms, is of relatively low quality. During that time, in the same time, some of the father as the Manager of his child was, and recordings from their own home court are the submissions, in the meantime, much more professional.

the course Since the tender of the award for young songwriter of the Gema and specialist agencies, to get the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation, every year, between 150 and 200 applications. From this, a Jury will select three artists (previously: four) as the winner of the 5,000 euros (previously: 2500 Euro) doped Contests.

HPN looks back on three decades of songs on the Banzberg: "a Lot of conversations with the musicians for me were a great experience. Particularly influential in the evenings, with Reinhard Mey, Konstantin Wecker, or the unique Giora Feidman were. I from the beginning had a heart for the young. The cavern Beatles, and Viva Voce are as children of Banz." The winners and prize-winners of the Junior festival, he sees it as his musical daughters-in-law and sons-in-law. They were all part of the great family of musicians, which brought every year to the monastery meadow, the Blades and Swing and will continue to bring.

In this large family, he includes the audience, the small error of the artist, never took crooked: "The reactions of the audience in Banz for me were always impressive and the artist is always motivating."

The Outstanding feature of the festival on the Banzberg, however, had been again and again to each other, continues niedermeier. "The successful singer-songwriter saw it as an added value, with the young artists samples and to be able to occur." On an evening he remembers particularly fond of: "It was great, as a veteran Reinhard Mey, a founding father of the Open-Airs on the Banzer monastery of the meadow, and the young star Bodo Wartke each other in the duet sung." Both, Niedermeier, "have sealed a musical generation contract".

artists lack the performances

It is a pity, especially that the Festival "songs had to be on Banz" this year, because of the Corona pandemic, says HPN, "because there are too few Festivals, where young song a Chance creators will be given." It would make him happy therefore, if the two Festivals could continue to exist - in both the "songs at Banz" that are organized by the event service of Bamberg, as well as the "Songs on a summer evening", the found of Monika and Ado Schlier for several years in the würzburg monastery garden gates of heaven a place.

The Lockdown as a result of the pandemic, which was undoubtedly necessary, threatened to make large and small music events, the end, says Niedermeier. It is to be feared that the Corona-crisis takes many artists, at the latest, in the next year financially, the breath. "Young singer-songwriters who want to make a living from their art, will get in big trouble. The offer must remain in this cultural area."

"eye-To-eye with the Great"

for this reason, the model of the Bavarian radio is to be commended, the introduce the in Banz featured young prize-winner of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation with its own mission and the artists, with Interviews to portray. In addition, the concert recordings from Banz provide young musicians the opportunity "to be on par with the Great".

him in Banz always, how good is respect and friendship between people can flourish, which is represented politically, religiously and ideologically opposing views. The effect of the music, the acting as a unifying Band to the people. Especially HPN is pleased, what a terrific way to Bodo Wartke has taken since 2001 for the first time in Banz as a Young laureate occurred: "The impressive musical range of his songs increased sharply."

The question according to his own musical preferences, the 66-Year-old answered: "I am one who appreciates the quiet songs, songs that have lyrics, as we referred to it for years in our Slogan."

The dialogue between the artists themselves as well as with concert-goers had in Banz is always a special magic that continues to HPN. He personally remembers most the exchange of views and shared the Unplugged-concerts in the carriage hall or in the artists ' tent after the performances on the two evenings of the festival: "There's a great atmosphere always reigned. Young and established musicians arrived with each other and with the organizers, and all those who helped, to can the festival hold."

support from the Region

HPN referring to firefighters and police officers, bakers, brewers and butchers, members of rescue services and Technical relief - so all those people from the Region who made no fuss about their commitment, but for Festivals of this nature is indispensable and on. "Such concerts are nothing for granted. You should be grateful to be for the brave, a concert organizer, the such Open-Airs." This applies both for the organizers of the "Songs on a summer evening," Monika and Ado Schlier, as well as for the organizers of the "songs at Banz", Gaby and Wolfgang Heyder.

Cheerful views of the future

According to Banz, the is his second home, will come with Hans-Peter niedermeier in the next few years like. His term as Chairman of the Jury of the award for young songwriter of ends only in mid-2022. HPN outlines his plans for the future with cheerful words - free to Udo Jürgens, a doyen of the song the Guild do: "at the age of 66, because the life begins and if I take Jopi Heesters as an example, then life is a little bit of time."

To the Vita by Hans-Peter Niedermeier

Hans-Peter Niedermeier studied political science, Catholic theology and history at the University of Munich. Early on, he was in the student Union and a student newspaper.

As a scientific Advisor for press, media politics, and journalistic promotion of young talents, he began in 1980, his work at the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. He is the head of the editorial Board of the "workshop" of the Foundation's magazine for young journalists.

in 1991, he was appointed head of the promotion work of the Hanns-Seidel-Foundation. In 1999, he was at the University of Mittweida, honorary Professor in the field of "Political systems". In 2014, a further professorship honoris causa awarded to him on the basis of the proposal of Klaus Burger faculty of political, administrative and communication Sciences, and of the decision of the Senate of the University of Babes-Bólyai. The National University of Lviv, Lucian Blaga and the University of Sibiu awarded to him would each of the honorary doctor. In December 2019, the College awarded him with the Golden needle of honour - justification: He had "the best Connections, and a close-knit network of alumni in positions of leadership in politics, media and economy in virtually all regions of the world." wikipedia

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