Corona-Primus makes it: South Korea shows, how school, in pandemic, can work

In South Korea prevails long is a normal condition that deserves the name. The people of the 10-million-metropolis of Seoul to go to work every Morning in their

Corona-Primus makes it: South Korea shows, how school, in pandemic, can work

In South Korea prevails long is a normal condition that deserves the name. The people of the 10-million-metropolis of Seoul to go to work every Morning in their offices, in the evening traffic again creates over-crowded roads. And also the Restaurants of the city are well attended.

And yet: the Opening of The schools, however, remains fragile. As on Wednesday about a Mensa-employee of the Cheongdam middle school in Seoul, Nobel Gangnam district a positive effect on Covid-19 was tested, had to close the educational institution under a lot of media Outcry immediately to their gates. Since then, the classes are held exclusively online. Almost 200 students and teachers were encouraged to do a virus test.

top in the PISA Test

South Korea is generally regarded as the Corona pattern of the country. Although the East Asian tiger state was recognized due to its geographical and economic proximity to China an early stage of the pandemic. However, despite several large infection clusters, including in churches and later in a night club, has kept the country on the Han river in the past, the virus risk is largely under control - without any area-wide lock downs. This was mainly possible through aggressive Tracking of possible Infected with the help of technical Surveillance. Currently, the daily new infections are in the middle two-digit range. Overall, the authorities reported that in South Korea, around 14,000 Infected and almost 300 Deaths.

In hardly any other country has made, especially the closure of the schools for so much Controversial as it is here. The Confucian-influenced society, finally, is infamous for their appreciation of education, every year, South Korean students are in the top group of the Pisa-Tests.

Nevertheless, have been postponed due to re-igniting viral infections a total of five times, the re-opening of the schools. The re-entry was initially gradually: first, the high school students of the last year began on may 20. May with face-to-face teaching in the classroom, two months later than initially planned. At the beginning of June, finally, reason followed, and middle school students, where hundreds of schools had to close again, after an infection cluster in the capital city of Seoul spread.

the reduction of the study fees

The current school day runs accordingly, without exception, under strict conditions. In front of the building entrances each student is measured first, the body temperature. In principle, a constant mask of duty, as well as Social-Distancing measures during the entire class time. Students sit alone at tables, which were previously provided for two people.

At the universities, however, the everyday is already up and running again in normal mode. Only the first half of the summer term was largely completed online, resulting in the public discourse heated discussions - about the ways of trials be fair, if the Internet infrastructure is sufficient and whether the student is entitled to a partial refund of the tuition fee.

On Wednesday (22.07.) reduced the renowned Konkuk University in Seoul for the upcoming winter semester, the tuition and fees by 8.3 percent, which corresponds to the equivalent of approximately 280 Euro. It is expected that other educational institutions will follow.

Clinical studies

As the East Asian tiger state, a few weeks ahead of you in the fight against the Virus in comparison to Europe, the view to the South Korea always also valuable insights on the future. These are rather sobering: A broad-based study from South Korea, under 6,000 of the house revealed that even children under ten years of age give to the Virus, although the risk is only half as low hold - possibly because they exhale less air or disproportionately asymptotically are. A Teenager (between 10 and 19 years of age), however, are at least as infectious as adults. The teaching of the study is clear: the World schools are always foci of infection for the Virus and should therefore be operated only under strict conditions.

South Korea in the coming Semester, especially the Problem of how it can hold all-important University entrance exam, "Suneung" is called. Comparable with the German Abitur, the Test of 19. November 3. December moved. Education experts, parents and students already complain now that the Corona-Born had to suffer due to the lock downs at a competitive disadvantage. According to a recent survey, this indicated also that well over half of all the students of the South Korean high schools.

author: Fabian Kretschmer (from Beijing)

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