The summer vacation of 2020, in spite of Corona: German longing for this holiday countries | travel

The summer vacation back, however, is still not clear, what with the holiday 2020. How to see the Germans and how the mood of holiday? Pack the swimsuit... mou

The summer vacation of 2020, in spite of Corona: German longing for this holiday countries | travel

The summer vacation back, however, is still not clear, what with the holiday 2020. How to see the Germans and how the mood of holiday?

Pack the swimsuit... mouth protection, and disinfection: The current situation, it does not necessarily suggest that the summer vacation of 2020 will be possible . Nevertheless, The desire to travel the Germans, in spite of Coronavirus* unbroken - and hope that it comes soon to other relaxations for the travel industry . According to a survey, 94 percent of the respondents want to travel within the next twelve months in the holiday*.

The Wanderlust of many German could be alleviated, in spite of the Corona-pandemic this summer. The global travel warning to 14 after the. June will not be extended, Federal foreign Minister Heiko Maas (SPD) wants to reduce the travel barriers, then at least within Europe, a gradual and holidays for German travelers are restored.

The dream vacation of the Germans in Corona-times

A current holiday check-survey of German tourists shows that Even when the Corona-the summer is moving in the field of tension between Hope and Fear, so the desire to travel the Germans is still unshakable.

Even if the holiday in their own country this year brings from a purely logistical reasons, advantages: For 44 percent of the a holiday, the dream destination for 2020 in the European countries . Especially like the German tourists dreams to Greece: 41% of the respondents can imagine to travel in the next holidays there. For 39 per cent, Spain is the Destination of choice and 34 percent would like to spend their holidays in Germany.

are not remote depreciated traveling also far from : Almost a third of the way it attracts more. The motive for the vacation a crucial role. 64 percent of the vacationers want to spend their days on the beach and to relax on the sea. To get there, remains for the overwhelming majority (95%) continue to be the plane, the transport means of first choice.

relaxation plays in the decision for accommodation a large role. So, 68 percent, want to your next vacation in the Hotel spend.

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Unwavering desire to travel in German

The survey shows clearly that The people cheer to your holiday, contrary to . Even the bad experiences of the last weeks won't change anything. Thus, 54 percent, had their trip already rebook or cancel, and another 17% don't know currently, whether your booked trip will take place. 13 percent were not able to take due to the Corona-crisis planning your vacation in the first attack.

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Large safety need for a relaxing summer holiday 2020

Since the advent of the Coronavirus 40 percent of Germans feel almost a trip abroad as a far more uncertain than before. For a worry-free booking, 59 percent want flexible Cancellation policy . For 60 percent of clear information on the cancellation conditions and the procedure for the refund of cancelled travel are important. In addition, 53 percent want information on the current status of the Coronavirus in the holiday region from the official page. For more than half of a destination is with a stable health care system an important decision criterion. And also the trustworthiness of the tour operator a large role, with 49 per cent.

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reserves for the most wonderful time of the year

Even if the Corona-crisis, the German hits economic: The money for travel is available. More than three-quarters of the respondents save on your travel budget, you could not spend currently, for the next trip. Just under a quarter, it is otherwise: you invest the money for acquisitions at home and in the garden. 20 per cent of the respondents save their free become one of the holiday budget as a nest egg for more turbulent times.

summer vacation of 2020, in spite of Corona: the opening of the borders depend on the provisions of the target countries

Austria : Germany and Austria want to drive the mutual tourism as quickly as possible high. If there are no setbacks in the containment of the Corona of a pandemic, the common border on the 15. June will be re-opened. The Austria-holiday would be then theoretically in the way: the Restaurants are open, Hotels and museums are to follow until the end of may.

the Netherlands : entry restrictions for German in the Netherlands in the Corona-crisis never. 1. June may receive Restaurants and cafes at least a few guests, in addition, museums and theatres are allowed to open again. From 1. July camping sites and holiday parks and holiday makers are open without restrictions - previously, under certain hygiene requirements.

Denmark : Denmark keeps its border closed, even if the Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen last ready to leave soon, German tourists, for example, with a lease for a cottage or a hotel reservation to enter. The government wants to decide by the beginning of June about further steps.

Italy : museums, Bars and Restaurants are open again, swimming pools and sports facilities will follow in the middle of the month. Italy wants to tourists from the Schengen area, the entry from the 3. June without a quarantine permit. Also, traveling between the Italian regions should then be allowed again. However, there is still no General start date for hotel openings. The popular holiday region of South Tyrol wants to but from the 25. May the operation of Hotels and vacation rentals allow.

Greece : the sights such as the Acropolis and many of the beaches are re-opened at the end of June, residents are also Hotels and apartments re-open. German tourists have to wait any longer: head of government Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants to do according to his own statement, everything on 1. July can start the season also for foreign tourists.

France : here, Too, the limit from 15 to. June, again with no restrictions for travellers from Germany to be open, but the situation is still unclear. The first beaches opened again, but further steps the regional authorities to decide. There are Hotels and camping places, there is still no decision from Paris. The French can now plan your summer vacation, but only in a radius of 100 kilometres of their place of residence.

Spain : if first loosening of the curfew and flights from Germany to the Balearic Islands and holiday makers hope: How to do it in the favourite holiday destination of the Germans, is still unclear. The entry from the Schengen area is currently almost impossible - and if, then only with the subsequent two-week quarantine. The scheme will apply until the end of the state of emergency, the government in Madrid is now up to 7. June wants to extend. The regional President of the Balearic Islands, Francina Armengol, had recently expressed the hope, "in July, groups of tourists in a controlled Form" received.

Turkey : leisure travel in Turkey will probably not be possible until Further notice. "We hope that Turkey may become a country of destination for German and European tourists," said foreign Minister Maas after consultations with his Turkish counterpart. "This is what we have to assess in due time and according to strict health criteria."

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