100 years of the Tölzer mountain dead recovery controls: during an air attack | Bad Tölz

100 years of the Tölzer mountain will Wake up on 14. June alt. A look back on three special missions. Bad Tölz –Ludwig "Wiggerl" grams of Inger, of the lege

100 years of the Tölzer mountain dead recovery controls: during an air attack | Bad Tölz

100 years of the Tölzer mountain will Wake up on 14. June alt. A look back on three special missions.

Bad Tölz –Ludwig "Wiggerl" grams of Inger, of the legendary Munich-based mountain rescue pioneer, has set out in his book, "The lives saved" the mountain is a literary monument to Wake up. Also Tölzer mountain wachtler – are mentioned in the book, both as a rescuer and as victim. The Following are three of the many inserts.

danger of fire in dead salvage

year of the war 1944: gram, Inger is on call in the Eng. In the North wall of the Eiskarlspitze a rope team had an accident. Three soldiers took advantage of a short leave for a climbing tour. At the top of the wall is made from stone impact. He is immediately dead. The comrades have to let him back.

Da gram, Inger, the Route is unknown, is he calling the Tölzer mountain rescue. Michl Schmid hammer is immediately ready to ride. He knows there. As you ascend the East ridge to the summit, you will be captured suddenly of the "terror": A "bloodcurdling, rapidly growing noise: a crowd of probably two hundred American bombers flew over us in the direction of Munich." The bomb squadron to be accompanied by hunters: "If it should come up, there would be no Escape." They hide behind rocks, up, the nightmare is over, but do you know what is happening now in the city.

From the summit you then descend to the dead, the horribly disfigured. Pack him up and take him in the Abseilsitz, then you have to beat hook to hook, with the heavy body in many stages over the 350-Meter-high wall to abseil. On the horizon you can see the explosion of lightning, the smoke and pillars of fire about Munich.

At the last Rappel it happens: "As Michl the hook is loaded, we saw with horror that he was moving, and a jolt flew out of his Crack to the bottom fast." Fractions of seconds decide about life and death: gram, Inger caught Michl reflex with a rapid grip and kept him from falling. Pale is the third mate, who had beaten the hook. You build a new Rappel and slide on the rope to secure Kar down. You had a guardian angel.

rescue from the summit with 160 metres of abseiling

9. June 1955: Two young climbers get hurt and stuck in the upper part of the Duke edge, a long, demanding climb in the level of difficulty of 4-5 on the laliderer wall.

21.30 PM the message reached the Tölzer mountain rescue team that rushes in the night to the Falken hut. Meanwhile, rain and snow have used. In the case of extremely bad conditions Michl Anderl and Hans Kallhammer a climb Early in the Route. The climbing on the icy edge is difficult and risky.

Against 15 a.m. to reach the victims, provide them with food, and a bivouac bag, so that you can survive a second freezing night, and then climb to the summit. There is a further Tölzer rescue team arrives in the evening, reached the summit of Scharnitz from the South, in the of Luggage, a winch and steel cables. Spend the night the 13 mountain rescue men in the narrow bivouac.

At dawn on the 11. June will then be roped Michl Anderl and Hans Kallhammer successively 160 meters over the edge to rescue the two climbers. After their lucky rescue, you will be supplied by mountain rescue doctor Hermann Schürch medical. After the removal of the rescue device of the whole squad, with the two victims in the Ackja to the wide descent to Scharnitz. It is one of the world's first assignments with the help of steel winch. The Tölzer courier mentioned the 13 rescuers in particular and called their act "a song about the simple and selfless service that is done in mountain rescue".

35-hour use in the laliderer wall

28. September 1955: The young Tölzer mountain wachtler Walter Gerg (25) from Greiling and Mittenwald comrade Josef Biller, a rise in dubious weather in the extremely heavy direct "Auckenthaler Route" (difficulty 6) of the laliderer wall. They are excellent climbers and confident to reach in time the bivouac on the summit. In the upper part of wall it hits, a sudden change of weather with full force. Snow and ice will make a come impossible. The host of the Falken hut hears her cries for help and alerted the mountain rescue. Still in the night-time use are forces on the ground, but need to be noted that, in such circumstances, a rescue from the bottom is absolutely impossible.

Re-make of Scharnitz from 28 mountain wachtler from Bavaria and Tyrol, at a snow storm and dense fog drifting heavily Laden on the way to reach the summit ridge of the laliderer wall from the South, including Ludwig gram, Inger.

you have radio equipment, a winch, and a 700-metre-long steel cables. As a finally point of view the connection to the Falk is hut, you can conduct it from there by radio to the two climbers.

Joseph Biller's friend Karl komb Osh, and twice on the thin steel cable, 280 meters deep in the snow-hell slide down and after 35 hours of use, the two crashed successively to the summit. Once endless joy, even deep dejection: Josef Biller survived, but for Walter Gerg, the help comes too late. The dramatic rescue operation by the press.

Three examples of triumphs and tragedies in the life of Tölzer mountain rescuers. In every Generation there have been those intrepid helpers. To call Hans Bader and Edi Singer would be there, among others – with the same permission, but also 100 other.

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