To buy or rent? Where you will stay for your money in Germany best

5,89 Euro cold rent you pay in Gelsenkirchen currently, per square meter, 1041,62 euros in the same spots housing costs, if you want to buy it. Both sums are a

To buy or rent? Where you will stay for your money in Germany best

5,89 Euro cold rent you pay in Gelsenkirchen currently, per square meter, 1041,62 euros in the same spots housing costs, if you want to buy it. Both sums are a variety of added costs.

And yet is simple to calculate: Who wants to live in Gelsenkirchen permanently, you should buy. Already an average income ranges for the 155 square meter condo for rent you can get for the same sum, only 87 square meters. Chrisoph bag man

We have studied the 401 German counties and cities where an apartment is cheaper can rent or purchase. The starting point for the average German house buyer. The sets to an evaluation of Immobilienscout24 around 21,000 euros of equity capital to the table, and then pay over at least 20 years, a monthly Rate of about 750 Euro for his house loan.

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tenant cities and expensive regions in the front

in The initial question for our analysis is: Where do you get for 750 euros more per month and square metre when buying a house, and where more, if you rent an apartment?

Overall, the buying in of the majority of the front: In 249 regions you can afford a larger apartment. For rent in 101 regions of an advantage. In 51 regions, the differences are so small that we want to select no winner. To Hannover is one with its surroundings: Here you can buy for 750 Euro either 69 square feet or 67 square meters for rent. The two-square-difference are unlikely to decide on your luck.

The map of Germany shows the Trend: tenants are always at an advantage, where real estate prices are high. This is true for many large cities, including Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and Düsseldorf, the seven most populous in the country.

Similarly, but also in Switzerland, neighbouring regions in the South and the regions of the German North sea and Baltic sea. Here is noted, however, that the average prices of a district are often drawn by single places artificially high.

For the district of North Friesland, in Schleswig-Holstein, heard about the celebrity island of Sylt, while the prices on the mainland side are significantly lower. On average, tenants have here compared to buyers, but the biggest advantage in the whole of Germany – 47 square meters. It is the lower Saxony districts of Aurich (79 vs. 42 sqm) and Empty (81 vs. 48qm) with the North sea Islands of Juist, Norderney, Baltrum and Borkum follow. Christoph Sackmann

home buyers should focus on rural areas

focus, conversely, the apartment purchase is to be recommended in the most rural regions The biggest advantage you have as a buyer in a town in the burgenlandkreis district, in Saxony-Anhalt. Here you as a buyer throughout the 153 square metres for 750 euros a month as a as a tenant – however, the Latter, for this sum you can live on 94 square meters.

buyers have also in smaller or economically weaker cities of the nose in front. The example of Gelsenkirchen, we have been in the beginning called, behaves in a similar manner but also in Bremen (74 vs. 66qm), Dortmund (96 vs. 74qm) and Kaiserslautern (102 vs. 73qm).

Now you might say that buying a house is worth in General, because a house buyer must pay after the expiry of his loan rent and even lower Side and maintenance cost. If so, the sole purpose is to own a property, then you should let our comparison statement does not hold.

but those Who want to make the most out of his money, in many regions, as a tenant better. Not only is he lives 20 to 30 years on more space, he can invest the saved capital in this time instead of a profit. Which variant do you prefer in the end, but it is a matter of taste. (Display)

apartments, houses and commercial objects.

here you will Find the right property

figures The key figures from the evaluation:
  • the tenant of 750 Euro month tenants, including a lump-sum in addition to the cost of 2.70 euros per square meter
  • buyer to take out a loan with a monthly instalment of 750 euros can use. This includes an interest rate of 3 percent and an initial repayment of 2 percent
  • home buyers pay additional costs such as the purchase tax (3.5 to 6.5 percent), notary and land register entry (1.5 percent), brokerage costs (3,57 up to 7.14 per cent) and bring a safety buffer for unforeseen expenditure of 5 per cent. Since the land transfer tax and brokerage costs vary from state to state, varies the maximum purchase price between of 148,000 and 157.000 Euro.
  • Of them to pay the house buyer is 21,000 euros as equity capital
  • A Region is then considered as advantage for the buyer or tenant, if more than three square meters more will be funded

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