Corona-Warning-App Federal government Commissioner for Germany: cost, Download, exact Name | policy

Since the age of 16. June, at two o'clock, you can download the Corona-Warning-App. But how does it work and how reliable is the App? We answer the ten most im

Corona-Warning-App Federal government Commissioner for Germany: cost, Download, exact Name | policy

Since the age of 16. June, at two o'clock, you can download the Corona-Warning-App. But how does it work and how reliable is the App? We answer the ten most important questions.

people in Germany can download from now on, the Corona-Warning-App. It is in the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store now available. Contagions should be easier to understand. We answer the ten most important questions to the App. For more information on Coronavirus, there are also in our own App in our Corona News Facebook page and in our daily special Newsletter on the topic.

Munich – you comes late but it comes. Since yesterday evening, the Corona-Warning App of the Confederation as a free Download for all Smartphone is ready to owner. We answer the ten most important questions .

1. Download - How does the Corona App?

Smartphones on which the App is installed, measure via the Bluetooth radio continuously and automatically their distance from each other – for example, in the S-train or Restaurant . If two cell phones and thus their owners, to approach at least 15 minutes on two meters or less, it is stored potentially contagious encounter in a "contact diary" on the Smartphones. The phones use anonymous numbers that cannot be traced back to the owner. Anyone who came in contact with a Person who has been tested positive for Covid-19, is warned by a Smartphone Alarm and can then self-test and as a precaution in quarantine to go. To prevent further infections.

2. The cost of the Corona App?

The development Telekom and SAP , as well as the scientific support for have the cost to 20 million euros, driven. This 2.5 to 3.5 million euros per month for the operation. 20 million euros would mean that for three months around 500 developers have screwed with an annual salary of 150,000 euros to the App. Thus, an extremely high effort, however, is hardly realistic. Whether and where money is being frittered away, it could still be the interesting question.

3. Download - be Running the Corona App on my Smartphone?

The App works on virtually all Smartphones that were sold in 2015. The minimum requirements are iPhone 6S and iPhone SE, or in the case of Samsung & co. the Software-Version Android 6. The Download is done via the usual App store of Apple and Android.

4. Corona-Warning App for Germany - such As my privacy is protected?

After a long dispute, has decided the policy for a decentralized, and thus data protection solution . The data will not be stored on a Central Server, which can potentially crack. Instead, they remain on the Smartphones of the users. The TÜV would have liked before the Start, however, with more time for his test, which has now lasted only a week.

5. Corona-App: How can infections be reported?

Who is tested positive will receive from the laboratory a QR Code . Or he receives a Hotline Telekom a Tan. With Code or number of the or the Infected in the Corona App reports the contagion . The App will be sent to all users on a regular basis the anonymous data of the positively tested individuals. Anyone who has saved in his contact diary the encounter with such a Person, is alerted. All Participants will remain completely anonymous.

6. Corona-App of the Federal government: the mobile battery with the Corona App faster empty?

This can happen but should not happen. Because Apple and Google have programmed the interface, the App runs in the Background without you ever open. So it should not affect the battery life. If it is, want to solve the developers of this Problem in the next few weeks with updates.

7. How reliable is the Corona App?

Bluetooth is not actually intended to constantly measure distances between Smartphones. In addition, for example, panes of glass between the two mobile phones can distort the results. So the results are not exact but are likely to provide everyday useful values. Generally, as computer science Professor Stefan Brunthaler from the Bundeswehr-University of München , to notify the App "in case of emergency, better to many people of a potential infection as too few".

8. Corona in Germany - How many people the App should install?

60 percent of the population should make use of the App, so you can reduce the risk of infection really. On such a dream quotas, no more than WhatsApp otherwise . According to the University of Oxford, also lower values but: "Even then, we assume that the number of infections and deaths is falling." Because the App actually comes two months too late, has the Minister of health, Jens Spahn screwed the expectations: "If we can convince in the coming weeks, some millions of citizens of the App, I'm already satisfied." Important: if you installed the Corona-Warning-App and concerns gets, can you delete like any other App.

9. Through the Corona-Warning-App loophole, but a duty?

The policy asserts that the use is voluntary and remains – also in the case of a second wave . The Federal privacy Commissioner Ulrich Kelber warns us not to accept clients only if you have installed the App: "I can warn owners of shops or public transport, only urgent: don't try it in the first place!"

10. Corona App: And what is with people who don't have a Smartphone?

you will indirectly benefit. Because if millions install the App, protects the finally, the entire population.

In Germany in the last night the Corona-Warning-App to Start. Since 2 p.m. you can download. Users complained about problems. All messages to the App, you will find in our Ticker.

Date Of Update: 16 June 2020, 04:34